Dying Light: How To Use and Save Your Weapon

There are many types of weapons in Dying Light that you can use like Hammers, Axes or even swords. At first, you’re not going to know the difference between a Brick Hammer and a Claw Hammer. But you are going to quickly pick up that Hammers are fairly fast, one-handed weapons. Axes are much slower to wield, but have higher damage per swing.

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Gamer19821362d ago

Still dislike the limited repairs.. Don't understand it as it doesn't make sense. Either remove the ability to repair or give unlimited.. Realism or not, walking in the middle is just daft.. Or at least give us a skill to unlock unlimited repairs..

Saijahn1362d ago

there's a skill that makes your weapons last longer. I like the way the system is setup though, it forces you to adapt your gameplay from time to time.

BellePelouse1362d ago

When your repair something it will never be good as new, in that optic it makes senses to have a limited number of repairs

TekKing1362d ago

Just use the Dead Island duplication glitch (this game is just a copy & paste job anyway). Now you'll be able to have multiple favorite weapons without the need for repairs and you can sell them to get rich.

v_eno_m1362d ago

silly question, but do dlc weapons fall under this limitation as well?

Gamer19821357d ago

No repairs on crafted weapons which I assume DLC weapons will be however you can craft them unlimited times if you have the correct resources to do so.