Dying Light Review - Mouse n Joypad

Gale writes -"I don’t think I’ll ever forget the disappointment I felt upon playing Dead Island for the first time. I mean, everything was fine when I started it, with the mandatory linear tutorial sequence and cinematics. No, things fell apart for me when I realised that Dead Island wasn’t a sandbox game. Not really, it was just a rather spacey corridor shooter with melee weaponry taking the leading role. I was afraid something similar would happen with Dying Light, too. So I played carefully for one hour… continued for a couple more… and nothing happened. There was no staggering revelation that the game was bad. Quite the contrary, Dying Light seems to be one of the few games that manage to draw me in completely, making me actually wish to play the bugger as much as I possibly can. I’d say the zombie ‘survival’ game exemplar has finally been achieved, but you’re not going to be content with that, now will you?"

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