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"The visuals are solid. The story has potential. The atmosphere is there. The map is polished. But the haphazard control, which in its essence, the thing that separates this game from other zombie survival titles needs work. The straw that breaks the camel’s back, especially considering how much getting around matters in the game, the game would have been so much better if the game’s control was tighter. Add in an uneven combat system and there’s enough wrong with the game to scare off anyone looking for something easy to jump into. Anyone who is able to look past the game’s faults however will find it a rewardable zombie adventure that isn’t perfect, but has plenty to do."

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wynams1358d ago

no driving despite game world being littered with vehicles, immersion slayed ... passing until Black Friday 2015

TheWackyMan1358d ago

There's no room to drive a car in, plus a game based around parkour and movement, it would kinda defeat the purpose if you put cars in.

nucky641358d ago

wynams, where are you going to drive? not a lot of open space.

MysticStrummer1358d ago

That's one bizarre complaint. Until I read your comment I hadn't even noticed the lack of driving. As bad as the driving was in Dead Island I'm glad it's not in there.

Fro_xoxo1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I'm actually glad review copies weren't sent out on time. I want this to happen often..

otherwise, a lot of people would have waited for reviews ( an arbitrary number) before diving in.

Tons of people are having fun with it. .

1358d ago
Ashunderfire861358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

People should watch Twitch/Ustream for new games and etc. Plus some game's release dates manager to get broken, so you can end up seeing these games a week before they come out worldwide. I think its a better idea for players to watch people play the games and make their own mind up, instead of waiting for bias reviews from Ign and Gamespot. I already made my mind up when I saw Dying Light on Twitch and I am loving it.

MSpence5161358d ago

I am beginning to think that some of these reviewers are a little salty they didn't the codes earlier. Everyone that isn't a reviewer is having great fun with this title. For what it's worth, the controls take a little getting used to, but anyone that is good at playing video games in general will have no problem adapting.

Mr_GoolyPunch1358d ago

I'm absolutely loving it!! Controls are tough, yes - but when you get used to them it's a rush!! Climbing towers, inches away from falling is really scary - imagine Farcry towers but higher with much more difficult and non-obvious routes. Solid scavenging and weapon upgrade mechanics. It's just really cool... And night time will make you fill your pants.