Project CARS: Formula A Car At Monza In The Rain Gameplay Footage

Here’s some awesome gameplay footage of Project CARS thanks to Youtube user ADRIANF1esp.

The footage shows a Formula A car tearing around Autodromo di Monza in the rain. The footage shows off Project CARS’ recently updated modeling of wet asphalt.

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Kingdomcome2471362d ago

It looks good, but I was certain that within five comments tops DriveClub would be brought up.

medman1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

LOL. I bought DriveClub, and it's a great racer. I will also buy Project Cars, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it as well. To your point, it's a little tiresome to see people comparing the two games when one's a sim and one's an arcade doesn't make much sense. I understand they're both driving games, but the similarities end there. Driveclub is gorgeous, and it's really alot of fun. The sense of speed is incredible, 30fps means literally nothing when you play it. It feels better than many 60fps racers I've played. What I'm looking forward to from Project Cars is realism, customization, and the fact there are so many things you can tinker with and change, not only to the cars but to the hud and everything else. It will be as complete a racing game as we have yet seen. I think they're both winners. P.S. And as I'll be picking up Project Cars for PS4, I can't wait to hear Stig's voice coming through the speaker on the dual shock, telling me it's time to come into the pits...

Kingdomcome2471362d ago

I hear you man. Even if the comparisons shouldn't be made due to different styles, genres, etc... it's not necessarily the comparisons themselves that bother me. It's the mind and motive that typically resides behind them. Rarely are they constructive, or good natured. Generally they're potshots being taken at an opposing platform by an individual that thinks it's a genuine means to boast. I'm just tired of the mindset in general honestly. You don't have to like all platforms, or own them all to be a gamer, but I've always believed if you're a true fan of anything, you can respect something even if you don't care for it yourself. I just want enjoyable gaming conversation. Sorry for the long winded rant lol. :)

Dutchfella1362d ago

Looks great, hopefully the gameplay is great aswell.

cyber_daemonx1362d ago

Looks pretty cool. Think DC has the better weather effects though. Anyhow looks like xbone owners will finally get a decent racing game to play ;)

Dannylew1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

no cvompetition versus DRIVECLUB... and i don't understand the visual representation of the graphics...

bah... i don't understand if is RAIN or Snow on the track....

for my experience.. this is a game with score 65/100..


this site is SHIT!!!!... delete my account...

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The story is too old to be commented.