Why Has PS4's Dying Light Been Removed from the European PlayStation Store?

Push Square: "Between cancellations and last-minute delays, Dying Light hasn't exactly had the smoothest run up to release – but our reviews round-up is filled with messages from disgruntled gamers, asking why the title has been removed from the European PlayStation Store. Well, it seems like there have been some crossed wires between developer Techland and platform holder Sony."

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smoothop1363d ago

Well I'm from UK and its not just PS4 users that have been screwed over with this game. Its got to be the worst launch of any game ever, it truly has been shocking.

PCGamingNoobs1363d ago

after last years mess i have stopped pre ordering, especially when the review embargos are on/after launch.

must say, im glad now.

smoothop1363d ago

Fair play I don't blame you, this was my first pre order in ages and I only got it because I got £60 MS cred for £30. I don't think I'll be pre ordering digital again anytime soon, I'm just hoping I actually get the game on the 30th now lol.

Fil1011363d ago

Well I did pre order this off store and checked last night too top up my funds to find out my pre order has been cancled

smoothop1363d ago

Damn the disagrees for speaking the truth, what you have to do, brown nose everyone that hasn't got the balls to say it how it is. As you can see, people are even having their pre orders cancelled for no good reason, if you're willing to constantly slap disagrees at least reply and try and explain your side of it. I don't care if I go down to one bubble, I'll always express my opinion and not someone else's.

snookiegamer1363d ago

I noticed this yesterday ...but I checked like 10 mins ago, and it's back on the store for a ridiculously high 54.99 GBP, in UK at at least. ;)

UKmilitia1363d ago

it always has been that price on my store in UK

zsquaresoff1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

It's available here to download in Dubai, on an European account.

But it's priced at 70$ which is ridiculously high. Even Order 1886 is at 60$ which is what it should be at.