Driveclub APEX Expansion pack issues persists; cars aren't working

Yesterday it became clear that there were problems playing the new Apex Expansion pack that was released yesterday for Driveclub.

Although a first it seemed the issue could be fixed rather easily, EU players are still not able to play the expansion. While it is possible to download the expansion pack, the Playstation store team is still working on a possible fix to actually play it.


APEX EU Store Update - The PlayStation Store team have now fixed the problem. In game just re-download the pack.

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VER1ON1359d ago

The developer has just released a tweet stating that the issues for EU players have been solved:

imXify1359d ago

Being them to a garage.

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PersonMan1359d ago

The add-ons keep me coming back to this game all the time. I love doing the tours and completing the new challenges.

I hope they make a DRIVECLUB: Complete Edition at some point though so that I have all the patches and add-ons on the disc. The stock disc is pretty bare bones and if I ever lost internet and had to re-install it, I'd have none of the weather updates, patches, extra cars or extra tracks.