Will Bloodborne resurrect a dying breed of gamers?

MWEB GameZone writes: "From Software’s Bloodborne, the spiritual successor of Dark Souls will resurrect a dying breed of gamers who enjoy immensely difficult games.

Here is why we think Bloodborne’s immense difficulty will foster a gaming community that yearns for more challenging games."

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HanCilliers1359d ago

I for one agree, I hate it how devs have made games easier and easier. A lot of gamers (used to?) play games because of the challenge it provides. Over the last few years it's more about drawing the crowds, than making games a challenge. Which is ok I guess, but then at least include the option for a proper challenge.

Sillicur1359d ago

Indeed, the thing is the gaming industry grew while games where difficult, I think developers have a misconception of what gamers want at the moment and Bloodborne will prove it.

As an example of how a game grew while being at its most difficult, World of Warcraft hit its peak numbers during the burning crusade era while the game was at its most difficult, while it dropped down very low during cataclysm while the game was arguably at its easiest !

Clown_Syndr0me1359d ago

I used to play for the challenge but now I've grown up had kids and got a full time job I play for escapism and just fun.
I have little time so games that are too hard don't get the attention they need. I think all games should have a range of difficulty settings to cater for everyone.

KwietStorm1359d ago

I can understand that, but I've been gaming since Intellivision, and if a game is too easy, generally speaking, I can't have fun with it. The challenge is part of what makes a game appealing and worthwhile to play. Its always good to have some games that you can just pick up and lose yourself in, but I want the majority of my games to fight back.

Clown_Syndr0me1359d ago

@Kwietstorm I can totally understand that. Nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment. I too have played games I thoughT were too easy - the latest being Advanced Warfare on Veteran. Id have appreciated an extra difficulty as that was really easy.

Tex1171359d ago

I don't agree in this particular case. For the majority of games, sure, sliding difficulty levels do not add or substract anything from the core gaming experience.

For FromSoftware's stuff, the difficulty is at the crux of the experience and tampering with that completely destroys what they are trying to accomplish.

HanCilliers1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Very well said, that's why I mentioned having an option that scales difficulty is good. But as Tex117 said, for some games that won't work.

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tucky1359d ago

You can always choose the difficulty... Stop with that stupid argument please

rextraordinaire1359d ago

Not all game have that, and some fail at it. Take DA:I, even on the hardest setting the game is a cakewalk, because some classes are so broken.

HanCilliers1358d ago

No you can't select that for all games.

miyamoto1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

If Demon's Souls is any indication of what kind of game Bloodborne is...then its Day One support for me.

To be honest I hate spending and wasting too much time before I finish a game. And as much as I am a huge PS3 exclusives fanatic the word of mouth about Demon's difficulty kept me on the fence.
Then Came the PSN sale for $14 so I was like what the heck I wanna play Bloodborne so might as well play Miyazaki's original master piece.

And yeah it was a slow and forbidding difficult dungeon crawler...but guess what I was HOOKED.

Never had I have so much fun BEING KEPT ON MY TOES & ALWAYS ON RED ALERT.

Its not the gameplay, not the mechanics, not the graphics. None of that!
Its the TENSION I feel while learning from my mistakes that glued me on the game. Even if I die repeatedly while blaming myself for my mistakes, lack of alertness, or flatout stupidity and not thin king, I kept coming back for more!

Miyazaki's games respects the intelligence and skills of the gamer but at the same time will challenge it to the max. It stimulayes us to think and act quickly.
And this is where the fun is.

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HoldenZA1359d ago

The more difficult the game the more invested I get. I love a challenge and that is why I think the new Bloodborne might be a game that I need to have a serious look at

Sillicur1359d ago

Indeed, for me it is one of the best, if not the best reason to buy a PS4 :)

plut0nash1359d ago

Probably not. It's too niche.

Sillicur1359d ago

The excitement and hype surround the game might actuall change that, hopfully it does, lets see!

Kingdomcome2471359d ago

I don't think that type of gamer ever went anywhere. We did see a huge influx of casuals last gen with the Wii, and the rise of mobile gaming, but the challenge seeking core gamer never left. It only seems that way because we've been pushed to the back burner in the name of catering to the larger market. The real question would be, can Bloodborne help resurrect these types of games?

Jdoki1359d ago

Resurrect? Dying?

The campaign to gets Demons Souls to US / EU showed the type of people who like a challenge are alive and well. Same as the people who love playing things like Diablo and Halo on the toughest modes.

The fact that Bloodborne is being made is proof enough the market is healthy - We've seen Demons Souls, two Dark Souls and now Bloodborne - and a few games that are 'inspired' by these titles.

bloodybutcher1359d ago

Yupp, i agree. I actually bought 2 copies of Demon's Souls from Canada, one for myself(at the time living in UK) and one for my friend from Poland. Then i got me an EU one when it arrived. Damn, it was so addictive...Definitely highest point in Souls series for me.

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