Black Tusk Studios Celebrates One Year of Work on Gears of War Franchise

The development team at Black Tusk Studios is celebrating the one-year anniversary since it started to work on the Gears of War franchise with a Twitter message

"Today marks the one year anniversary of acquiring the @GearsofWar franchise - we are humbled to be delivering on such a beloved experience"

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lifeisgamesok1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

E3 is going to be spectacular Gears of War is gonna look so good in Unreal Engine 4

I hope Gears is going back to its horror vibe from Gears 1 though the other games were good too

DarkOcelet1359d ago

Yeah, Gears 1 atmosphere was the best, I really also loved the gears theme that began when you encounter the locust for the first time, it was so awesome.

Mr Pumblechook1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

"Today marks the one year anniversary of acquiring the @GearsofWar franchise - we are humbled to be delivering on such a beloved experience"

It's good marketing to draw attention to the franchise and start the hype machine for the likely reveal later this year. However to say they are 'HUMBLED to be DELIVERING' is an oxymoron, two contradictory terms. There's nothing wrong with them stating "we will deliver" because it shows confidence in what they are making. But to then say humbled in the same sentence shows that the tweet went through marketing and added humble so it didn't sound arrogant. Clever, but the English language leaves little clues for a 'detective' to find!

Septic1359d ago

Yeah agreed. Go back to the horror elements more and make it A LOT more serious and I will be interested.

I'd rather they kill off most of the existing cast and focus on a new one that actually has some depth to them and not being just brainless dudebros high-fiving each other when they take out some gigantic tapeworm.

starrman19851359d ago

@Mr Pumblechook - isn't it possible that they actually do feel humbled to get to work on this project?

I'm really excited to see what they do with Gears, and as Septic said I would love this to feel completely fresh!

MoonConquistador1359d ago

@Mr Pumblechook I think in this instance your guilty of reading between the lines and making up something to have issues with.

I think you could do with looking up the meanings of "humbled", "delivering", "oxymoron" and "contradictory".

Leave the detective work for others

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christocolus1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Gears 4 is going back to be alot darker than the others. Rod stated this mid last year and i think its the best direction for the series.but will marcus make a return?

I cant wait to see Gears running on UE4.The detail and general atmosphere of the game will be amazing. also i expect the game to be shown at E3 alongside Halo5 sp, QB, Tombraider, Scalebound and Rares upcoming ips. Phantum dust and Crackdown might show up too along other unannounced exclusives.

DarkOcelet1359d ago

I believe he will indeed make a return but i expect a darker Marcus after 3.

1359d ago
otherZinc1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Gears is fantastic the way it is now.

I completely disagree with people saying they want something new, fresh, kill the old characters, bring in the new. Friggin ridiculous!

People still play Gears to this day! When I finish Halo:MCC on Halo 4 Legendary, I'm running through the Gears series on Insane Mode with my daughter in Campaign Co-op.

To bring something "fresh" would be changing Gears, no!

Gears 4...or whatever, needs:
Campaign Co-op
Horde Gears 2
Splitscreen Campaign Co-op
Horde Mode Splitscreen Co-op
4 player co-op online

Bring back all the characters with a New Carmine & Dom & Marias long lost Son:
Dominic "Domm" Santiago Jr.

Now...Let's Go!

Magicite1358d ago

1 year and not even a slight glimpse, at least concept art?

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Transporter471359d ago

The best Gears of War mutiplayer was the first one. They need to go back to do that and get rid of the horrid Gears 2-Judgement MP.

1359d ago
Revolt131359d ago

No, gears 3 was the most balanced and competitive. Don't get me wrong, 1&2 were great, but 3 was perfect aside from sawed off and retro

Joda1358d ago

part 2 was the best. Part 3 felt out of whack with the mulcher, one shot. the retro lancer felt too strong, the lancer and hammer burst felt alot weaker. Part 3 hammer burst felt really bad. I liked playing as female gears though seeing booty instead of the hunchbacks was nice.

Transporter471359d ago

I played all three and to me it wasn't. I did not enjoy it what so ever.

IVanSpinal1359d ago

Because you need to play more, the more you play the better you are, i have played 600 hours and i know i can learn much more

Revolt131358d ago

I'll teach you the way of the wallbounce ;)

baodeus1358d ago

na, strafing would beat any wallbounce any day, obviously wall bounce tend to not be as accurate, while strafing is always accurate at both defense and offense.

Transporter471358d ago

I understand that some of you enjoyed 3 the most, but I didn't. It didn't feel like Gears to me. I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is mine. You do not have to agree with it. : )

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Kingdomcome2471359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I'd love to see something before E3, but we probably won't. I don't feel like researching it, but has Microsoft had this before? (I'm assuming this is happening this year) Both Halo and GeOW reveal at one E3? Man... Uncharted, GOW, Guerrilla's new IP, Crackdown, Halo, Scalebound, Quantum Break, Gears, and hopefully some awesome reveals from both sides at E3. This along with everything already known to release this year. I can't take it anymore. Dying Light is a nice start to this year, and it's about time to get this gen started real proper like.

christocolus1359d ago

May be Halo5 at E3 and Gears at Gamescom. If the game is a year into development now then it might see a release holliday 2016. That would be almost 3years. Also MS has a lot to show. There's also forza6 and lionheads second project and no one actually knows what LXP, Decisive games and the other new studios are working on.

ThinkThink1359d ago

Usually the game development cycle is 3 years but that includes 12-18 of game engine development. If they're using the unreal engine I expect they can shave a year off of development putting them in line for a late 2105 launch. might be pushing it though.

WitWolfy1359d ago

So its been a year and they still have nothing to show for it... Seems about right...

Kingdomcome2471359d ago

How long has Santa Monica been working on GOW? ND on UC 4 before the reveal at PSX? We complain about devs rushing games, and then complain when they take their time. Why is everyone so negative?

QuantumWake1359d ago

"We complain about devs rushing games, and then complain when they take their time."


Take all the time in the world, Black Tusk. I'm counting on you to deliver a true Gears of War experience. :-)

Septic1359d ago

You hit the nail in the coffin there.

its_JEFF1359d ago

I'm glad they don't have anything to show yet... realistically they've had the franchise for a year, who knows how long actual work started. Anything they show now would be rough, a target render or in alpha... and we know how some people react to anything being shown that isn't perfect even though it's prealpha/alpha build. I'm guessing if we something at E3 it will be a short teaser.

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jhoward5851359d ago

I think Black Tusk hasn't done much with the game play for Gears since DX12 API was probably still in the works.

I think Black Tusk took an entire year to build the stages, textures, character models, etc.

Perjoss1359d ago

Wont be the same without Cliffy, Hopefully it will be at least ok.

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