Dragon’s Dogma Online for PS4, PS3 and PC Gets First Screenshots; Show Multiplayer Combat and Lobby

Capcom just opened the official website of the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma Online, and published the first screenshots of the game.

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Relientk771384d ago

The trailer and screens for this game definitely have me interested.

Abash1384d ago

It looks like too big of a project not to come to NA and EU

Debaitable1384d ago

Said the same about PSO2

miyamoto1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

agree. capcom is crazy not to bring it to the west. just look at the western influence on the design of this game...

Kivespussi1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

This... Actually looks really good. I'm surprised.

And if it's a f2p MMO... Well, MMO's are being patched with new content usually later on in the game's life, right? Well, if the transactions would be skins only or not offer a huge advantage and the game would get new content over time... Then I could forgive the game being f2p. This game actually has the potential to be great.

Now we'll just wait for the western release.

Morpheuzpr1384d ago

Freaking hate capcom. They have financial problems because the make the most stupid decisions. Why they didn't make the original games 4 player co-op? So now they recycle it to make it f2p so they can make more money with it by adding what should have been there in the first place.

Then there's the whole Monster Hunter debacle, where they promised a MH game for the ps3 and then turned around and gave it to nintendo with the excuse that they couldn't afford to develop it for ps3, yet they released Dead rising, Lost Planet, Dragons Dogma, Asura's wrath and Dark void which are all new ips. It's BS I tell you.