Check Out Hyrule Warriors's Majora's Mask DLC in New Trailer

Hardcore Gamer: Hyrule Warriors has been hitting its DLC out of the park, and that trend looks primed to continue with the Majora’s Mask Pack due for release on February 5. A new video released today offers a preview of what to expect from the new content, including two new characters in Young Link and Tingle, as well as new character costumes and an Adventure Mode map inspired by the cult classic Zelda game.

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Serrafina1363d ago

I admit. That's pretty cool, and I would spend my money on that.

ZeekQuattro1363d ago

I forsee me playing this game like there is no tomorrow again in the near future. I wasn't expecting to see wearable masks for different characters & its a nice touch that kid Link's sword techniques are clumsy and unrefined. Can't wait. Not sure how the remaining DLC will top this one.

DivineAssault 1362d ago

so pumped for this game on the new 3ds.. I cant wait to play it again.. It really pisses me off that nintendo didnt produce enough CE of this game or the MM themed new xl