No Man's Sky and the possibility of a Xbox One version

We all have heard of No Man's Sky, but no word yet on an Xbox One version. Today I'll discuss the game itself and the possibility of an Xbox One Version.

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Roman3mPiRe861357d ago

Long story short, an Xbox enthusiast hoping for an Xbox version. Shouldn't be too hard if Microsoft changed their indie clause policy they got going on.

lelo2play1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

That so called policy hardly exists any more.
No Man's Sky (and The Witness, Hellblade, among others) will eventually arrive on the X1 and maybe even on the WiiU... unless the developers are dumb enough to ignore those markets.

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jb2271356d ago

If that truly is the case, why not do away w/ it altogether? Regardless of stray cases here & there of MS breaking their policy, most devs would (rightly) automatically assume that it would be a hassle to deal w/ so why even bother? Beyond the fact that it is a true barrier to entry into the Xbox ecosystem, its a bit inflammatory in that it assumes that devs should come to MS hat in hand and beg to give them a chance. The most talented of devs shouldn't have to ask to be on a platform, they should have platforms begging to have them to satisfy their core gamers. With the amount of hype No Man's Sky has garnered, and the fact that Hello games originally got their console start at MS, Microsoft should be working hard to acquire this game sooner rather than later. At the end of the day, the policy stands until it is officially lifted, regardless of any exceptions that are made.

fermcr1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

How the hell did @LogicalReason edit his post an hour after posting? Is he a N4G mod?


Beg? LOL. Stop trolling. Nobody has to beg to launch their game on the X1. According to Outlast devs (witch was a PS4 console timed exclusive), they simply made a request to launch their game on the X1 and were accepted. Simple as that.
I find fanboys like you quite amusing.

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DialgaMarine1357d ago

I hope the game doesn't ever release on Xbox. I know it's asinine to want a game's player base to be more limited than it has to be, but let's be honest: Xbox gamers don't deserve this game, especially if it meets our expectations. They're too good for indies, remember? Well this is an indie, and they shouldn't get a free pass if and when it turns out great. Hopefully it does, and they finally grow the f*ck up.

BLKxSEPTEMBER1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I dont know whats more ridiculous, your comment or the fact that you got far more agrees than disagrees. Im a X1 owner and a PS4 owner and your telling me i shouldnt have a choice as to which system i i buy this game on? You and all those who agreed with you are low lifes and are doing nothing but trying to keep gamers divided with your silly fanboy rhetoric.

DLConspiracy1357d ago

Thats not a very grown up thing to say. Sorry but the people who make fun of the indies on PS4 do not make up the entire Xbox community.

Gh05t1357d ago

SMH... Devil Dog... What makes you think Xbox gamers don't like indies?

Did you honestly forget the "indie games" section for the X360. You know the one where it was peer reviewed but pretty damn easy for any indie to get there game on the Xbox as long as it was coded well.

gangsta_red1356d ago

The agrees you have gotten make me truly afraid for this site. I guess you forgot how Xbox fans praised and supported the Xbox Indie channel and it's games.

I'll never understand this new found appreciation or concern for indie games that started this gen with this crowd.

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christian hour1357d ago

It's been fairly obvious from day one the game would be timed exclusive, when it was first announced it didn't even have a platform, Sonys indie clause was the easiest route to take first, and its coming to pc, an xb1 release is definitely in the pipeline, xb1's indie clause seems to become non existent if the game has hype of AAA proportions, they don't care anymore if you released on another platform first.

Give it a year, it'll be on there, unless of course Sony purchase the IP, but I think Sean Murray would prefer to retain rights to that IP.

medman1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

"an xb1 release is definitely in the pipeline" LOL...and where are you getting this inside information from, exactly? The clouds? LOL. There are many indies on ps4 that haven't, and won't, come to xbone due to the parity clause, and other factors. Maybe No Man's Sky will, maybe it won't. But saying "definitely" is just a wish and a prayer. Hello games hasn't given a release date for the ps4 version, and won't talk about a pc version at all, only to say it will come "at some point" after the ps4 release. When is that? 3 months later? 6 months after the ps4 version? Longer? Considering the bug fixing Hello games will presumably be neck deep in with a game like No Man's Sky after the ps4 release, the pc version likely couldn't come sooner than at least six months after the ps4 version. Also, who knows what kind of support Sony has given them? They could become a developer like Quantic Dream, who while not first party, decided long ago due to relationships to only publish games for Sony's systems. Your "definite" is no such thing. And when is this "definitely" supposed to happen for the xbone? 2017? I mean, Microsoft turned away the Rime developers because that game didn't have guns....unbelievable. The only "definite" is that Microsoft has made some big mistakes trying to strong arm indies in the past, and some of that is hitting them square in the face this gen. Now that's a "definite" you can believe in.

christian hour1356d ago


Calm down, it's only speculation, by definitely in the pipeline i mean it's definitely on their minds and something they've most likely considered, and I've been paying attention to industry practices and behaviours for 2 decades now so it wouldn't surprise me if it happened. I for one would be delighted that more people get to experience No Mans Sky, I'd feel selfish if I kept it for myself and my ps4/the pc muster race.

3-4-51356d ago

I'm pretty sure if it was possible, phil would do what he could to get No Man's Sky on XB1.

Not saying it will happen, but he seems like he has some common sense, at least enough to know that a lot of XB1 gamers want to play this too.

gangsta_red1356d ago

It's pretty obvious that this dev took advantage of Sony's Pub Fund, where Sony pays an advancement in "royalties" (i.e. money hats) to an indie developer in exchange for exclusive or timed exclusive deal.

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TheCommentator1357d ago

Got to talk to one of the leads at the Gamestop Conference last year and he just stated that as a small studio it is easier to focus on one console, but would not confirm anything about Xbox One. Saw about fifteen minutes of gameplay though; looks awesome.

Tedakin1357d ago

I bet it will get it just later on, like Outlast.

Tiqila1357d ago

if it is successful it will come to XO eventually. This is my opinion.

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