Strafe Looks to Return First Person Shooters to the Mid 90’s, and You Are Going to Love It

Carl Williams writes, "Remember the first time you fired up Space Hulk on 3DO, Saturn or Playstation? Remember how the sprite based enemies just piled up in the level? It was unfortunate that they disappear as you explore but the idea was there, as did the blood stains on the walls. STRAFE looks to build on that level of interaction adding persistent elements to the game levels. Currently on Kickstarter looking for funding, STRAFE is going to pull at the nostalgia strings of gamers that miss the days of Quake II and Half-Life."

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Snookies121363d ago

Hahahaha, that is the most amazing trailer I've seen in a long time. So hilarious, I'm considering backing it just for that video...

triverse1363d ago

I agree, it is a great trailer. Not only are they going for the 90's look in the game but also in their advertising. That is classic.

Snookies121363d ago

Yeah, they're taking nostalgia to a new level.

3-4-51362d ago

Best fake 90's commercial I've ever seen.