Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Trailer 4

It shows over six minutes of epic Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT action.

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Snookies121385d ago

That's a pretty sick trailer... Man, I want to buy this game soooo bad. I'm also soooo scared to believe the hype lol.

bouzebbal1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Ok, first trailer i see and i'm sold!
i love DB and i haven't play a DB game since Budokai 3.
This one looks sick.. Does anyone know how many characters there are in it?
Is there a character's list screen to see which characters are included? and also which generation does this game cover? i can see it's from Freezer and up to Boo.
i wish they include the young days as well.

TomahawkX1384d ago

loving all the options for the create a character, hopefully we can make more than just 1

exnoob1384d ago

Up to 8 cc we can make

muffinbutton1384d ago

I was sold long ago. Now they're just making the wait more painful lol