Fanatical Take | Hyrule Warriors Shows How Nintendo Can Get Support

Hyrule Warriors has been extremely successful for Koei Tecmo, and has shipped over one million copies. It’s no secret why this Musou game sold so much better than usual for the genre. Zelda is a lot more popular around the world than ancient Chinese historical figures. In fact Zelda’s more popular than a lot of things, that’s how Nintendo’s going to help fill out their roster of upcoming games.

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MultiConsoleGamer1386d ago

I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed Hyrule Warriors. I would love to see a Mario Warriors game.

SimonSmith1386d ago

I was the same, I was concerned with this game when it was announced right up until launch, but when I played it I loved it so much it is my Game of the Year for 2014. I was discussing the idea of Mario Warriors with my Brother in Law the other day and both want to see that as well as other crossovers like that.

Metallox1386d ago

"Hyrule Warriors Shows How Nintendo Can Get Support".

More like "Zelda shows how Nintendo can print money".

Let's be real here, Hyrule Warriors shipped those 1 million units because it has lovely fanservice.

On the other hand though, Bayonetta 2 really shows how third party support has reached a very low point on Nintendo platforms.

PlebeGamer1386d ago

Just curious, but did you read the article? It explains that third parties could be lured back to even the Wii U if they're allowed to work with core Nintendo IPs.

Hyrule Warriors shows it works. Pokken Tournament will likely be monstrous in terms of profit. I'm sure a Nintendo vs. Capcom fighter would work as well.

The these granting of rights can be used as a form of currency to produce games and even purchase new IPs in a sense.

Metallox1386d ago

"Hyrule Warriors shows it works. Pokken Tournament will likely be monstrous in terms of profit."

I don't want that kind of support, simple as that.

PlebeGamer1386d ago

And what exactly is wrong with that sort of support? Hyrule Warriors was a well received success and people have been wanting a 3D Pokemon battle games for well over a decade.

On top of that, Nintendo can get new exclusive third party IPs out of these deals. Like Project: Treasure.

wonderfulmonkeyman1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Install base, the numbers Platinum usually sells, and the niche nature of the game's legacy considered, Bay 2 didn't sell horribly.
In fact it's still selling, and is still being advertised as one of Nintendo's top-rated games by the company itself.

At some point we've just got to accept that the majority of third parties aren't selling on Wii U, because they aren't doing anything to draw people to the system with their games.
No one's buying multiplats on Wii U because they're buying the same games with more content elsewhere.

To get sales for their games on Nintendo consoles, they need to take risks.
And the only real risk with any semi-guaranteed return they can take, is taking advantage of brand recognition to get Nintendo gamers, at least, to purchase their games.

For instance: CoD: Ghosts.

They could have gotten Nintendo gamers to buy that game, if they had made 3 Extinction maps based off of Tallon IV, tossed in well-made Metroid and Space Pirate enemies, put some Beam Weapons in, then advertised the living hell out of how cool it would have been.

Heck, maybe even toss in a Samus NPC making a cameo to help the soldiers fight off the last wave of each map then successfully escape.

Not only would that have netted them the attention of Nintendo gamers, it might have even convinced a few others to get a Wii U and double-dip on CoD, if the content was awesome enough.

We have to face the fact that they aren't going to be able to catch attention on Nintendo's consoles without extra effort.
After the trust they've lost, standard efforts, let alone efforts that aren't up to par with other versions, aren't going to cut it.