Stardock CEO On DX12 Affecting Xbox One Games' Resolution, DX11 Not Fast Enough In Case of SLI

Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock Studios is not sure whether DirectX 12 will affect the resolution issue of Xbox One games.

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christocolus1385d ago

Another day another DX12 article stating nothing new...lets just wait and see what benefits the api brings to xbox one games instead of repeating the same old stuff.
Phil Spencer said they would speak more about DX and windows10 at the build conference so lets wait and see what happens there, most likely we will finally see a demo running on xbox one..

traumadisaster1385d ago

Another day another idiot approving a gaming bolt article. Cmon!

Docknoss1385d ago

Did you watch the Unreal 4 Tech Demo from yesterday? It's fully Supported by Directx12. It's kind of a Big deal, people know it. It owns many Leather bound Books and it's apartment smells of Rich Mahogany.

Kingdomcome2471385d ago

I believe it may have even been wearing Sex Panther.
OT: I'm done with the speculation. We'll know what to fully expect in due time.

christocolus1385d ago

i saw that.i thought it looked amazing. was that DX12? damn.

Bigpappy1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

The bottleneck for 1080p on X1 is the shaders according to Witcher 3 graphics artist. Gamebot had and interview with him, and he explained that even though DX12 can push more triangle to the GPU, there are not enough shaders to color them. They would have to remove some images, or textures.

I think most high end graphics games on X1 should stick with 900p, and add effect like Ryse did. Forget about 1080p. Concede that to PS4 lets work with lightning and effect(tiled resources) that DX12 can bring with more processing power.

Godz Kastro1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Can't wait for MS build


You don't have to click the article you know.

MasterCornholio1385d ago

“I’m not sure. The resolution thing depends on the game and is usually not due to the CPU not keeping up,” he said on Twitter. This makes sense since one of the big advantages of DX12 is related to CPU overhead reduction, which in turn is not related to resolution.

That explains a lot. Interesting article.

Kal0psia1385d ago

Can we stop asking these predictable questions, and ask more about Dx12's features sets and how they effect game development? Christ! who cares about resolutions, I want to read the potential of the "Paradig Shift" those features sets will have on games. Especailly Volume Tiled Resources and many others.

NuggetsOfGod1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Blame ps4 gamers playing at 1080p and glorious 24- 30fps lol

Now xbox gamers are bickering with them about pixels

I play my games 1440p 60fps so if dx12 can do more for my pc or make it last longer then great!

The console fanboy war is like watching two athletes fight over a bronze trophy lol

Just enjoy what u have.

It's better they push for higher frames and graphics than resolution on Xbox.

I have a feeling forza 6 will look amazing on xbox.

kevnb1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Other than a few rare exceptions the ps4 has the better framerate. Here is the latest example,
I suspect assassins creed unity got a little extra Xbox attention because of the bundle, and advanced warfare was going to be terrible on Xbox one until Microsoft sent over some devs to get it closer to the ps4 version.

ThePope1385d ago


You are making a lot of assumptions about the X1 to justify the performance of the PS4. MS and Sony are intimately involved in the development of games made for their systems. Nice troll though!


I don't own a PC at all but this; "The console fanboy war is like watching two athletes fight over a bronze trophy" Is hilarious!

MMOBytes1385d ago

Dont really care about his opinion, none of their games have been visually demanding.

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