Destiny Needs to Evolve in These 3 Ways for True Success

Destiny is a pretty great game. For it to become the rock ‘em sock ‘em hit it aspired to be, these qualities needed to be at the top of their game.

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Relientk771386d ago

Not have like 7 different type of currencies

not be repetitive and grindy

more weapons and cool weapons like in Halo

1386d ago
WizzroSupreme1386d ago

Make it a real open-world and find some real characters to get behind – or a villain we love to hate.

Father__Merrin1386d ago

was going to trade in today but decided to keep hold its a pretty unique game.

I wish the crucible points stacked up week after week, we don't all have 100's of hours to spare...

rpgenius4201386d ago

Crucible points stack, but you can only earn 100 a week.

OmegaShen1386d ago

Its fine, beside fixing bugs and glitchs. The game is good and keeps growing.

The grinding part isn't a big deal if you're use to playing mmo's.

gamer91386d ago

Don't mind the grind if it leads to something. There are not enough guns and they shouldn't be selling all of the guns at Xur

Tex1171386d ago

They aren't.

Particularly, Gjallarhorn. Yes, they did on week two, but havent since.

ThePresentIsAgift1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

The world's most expensive game? Half-life 2 it was not. I love Destiny's graphics, the art, the audio and the atmosphere. As a complete game though it was a nightmare to play, how could Bungie and Activision do this? They almost made cod seem intelligently designed and we know that's rarely happened since 2008.

I can see the idea, taking inspiration from mass effect, borderlands and possibly fable the realisation though was heartbreaking, the game that never could quite become the sum of its parts. Also the mandatory online or fail, failed epically.

I felt cheapened and sullied after a few hours playing and had to return it.

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