Is Gaming Your Religion?

CheatCC says - "I have a theory, and bear with me here. I think gaming, or perhaps even the identity of “gamer” has become a religion to some people.

I don’t mean to weight this toward good or bad. Rather, I’d like to draw some parallels, both good and bad and show how the two are astonishingly similar."

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thorstein1385d ago

Nice work. Very apropos. That lack of ability to change one's opinion of one's beliefs in light of overwhelming evidence (see also anti vaxxers, global warming denial, and evolution denial) is called the Dunning Kruger effect.

And it doesn't stop there, Dunning actually proved it to be real. The best example would be the COD player that constantly screams that others are hacking, cheating, modding because that COD player is getting destroyed. In his/ her eyes, he/ she couldn't possibly be that bad.