Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered Confirmed for PC and iOS, Launch Trailer Released

Quantic Dream has today officially come forward to reveal and newly detail Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered.

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DarkOcelet1412d ago

Um, What the heck? There is way too many spoilers in the trailer. I recommend not watching it if you plan on getting it. Its a great game but its a shame the final act was a bit confusing and weird.

ValKilmer1412d ago

So stoked for this game. I don't get why people loved it and then suddenly turned on all things Quantic Dream. Peer pressure, I suppose.

DarkOcelet1412d ago

The tone of the game changed so fast it was weird. I loved the tone of mystery at the beginning and scary things thats happening all around but... Spoilers...

When the matrix stuff began, the game just changed so much and the final act felt rushed and needed to be way more fleshed out.

Heavy Rain was a great experience though.

stuna11412d ago

I hope they do a remake on the PS4.

solar1412d ago

sweet. i bought the PS2 version for my PS3 (still have a launch fatboy that works!!) and the game kept me from selecting the correct book in the library. i was super bummed.