Dying Light Gameplay - Opening moments PC Max Settings GTX 970

A video showcasing Dying Light's opening moments from the PC version complete with performance counter.

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Mega241386d ago

I'm planing to get this card in the coming months, guess its a good idea.

xTheMercenary_1386d ago

Excellent card, great performance and the price is great, i'd recommend the ASUS STRIX Direct CU 2 4GB. But that's entirely upto you.

Mega241386d ago

The controversy surrounding it has me on the fence, but performance wise, it's actually doing great with its 3.5GB. I'm eyeing , I'm going to wait and see what happens with Nvidia.

Wizard_King1386d ago

lol max settings...

Noting on ultra and only half the available draw distance.

bunt-custardly1386d ago

@wizard king. HIGH is the maximum setting in the options as clearly indicated in the video. Draw distance looks like it's at default, so you are correct there only.

xTheMercenary_1386d ago

Yeah heard about that issue recently, i'd suggest waiting a bit they might drop the price if so i'd definitely go for it. People are seriously over reacting because of the 3.5gb vram, it wasn't cool for NVIDIA to lie so i see where people are coming from. But like i said wait a little while and see if they drop the price, then go for it.

nowitzki20041386d ago

Building my first rig and thats what I am getting. Cant wait.

ShadesMoolah1386d ago

Really looking forward to this. And despite the flak Dead Island received, I rather enjoyed it; it was certainly flawed in many areas, but this Dying Light is looking extremely promising.

I get the impression of a mash-up of Dead Island and Left4Dead's versus, trying not to set my expectations too high, but damn we are sure due a decent game that isn't a complete broken mess.

ironmonkey1386d ago

thats terrible performance look at it. i have sli 670 and it doesnt do that. are you sure its not the 970 itself?