PlayStation Event Revealed for New York in February, Announcements Inbound

A private event will take place in New York City on Friday February 13 where a "new PlayStation initiative" will be announced.

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Kingthrash3601385d ago

I wouldn't go there yet, but ill say is bringing it for the ps4. Seem like yesterday psx happened and we already have another event happeing???? Sony may not have as much money as ms but they sure know how to keep interest in its console by spending this much on events. With this many announcements( before some games that were announced before the ps4 launched, come out ) coming, sony is keeping the ps4 momentum going with a huge amount of games. I mean there is so many games we know will come but haven't been announced gow and tlg for example. ..its just awesome.
Good job sony.

inveni01385d ago

Right now is the longest (exclusive) dry spell I've felt from Sony, and I think that's only because Driveclub didn't get the free version we were promised. With The Order just a month away, things will pick up again. From there, many great things await…which, I guess, is why they picked that slogan long ago. And their newest slogan, "This is for the players," is reinforced by the gamer-centric events showcasing what's next.

I love it.

PoSTedUP1385d ago

NYC is a sweet spot for Sony. announcing and showing the PS4 there was the smartest thing they couldve done. it'll be the best spot for big announcements that they want everyone to know about (that automatically rules out anything vita related). i expect a good showing and a big announcement.

holin41385d ago

The Last Guardian is biggest hype ever!!

zeee1384d ago

Sony could also deliver a crushing blow to ms by announcing a price cut? Who knows?

Sevir1384d ago

This is something they've been doing for a while now though. It's the Spring media showcase, they did it last year when they showed off new footage of infamous, MLB:the show and a first look at the order. This year will probably be for the Order, Bloodborne, MLB the show and probably a first showing of R&C Reboot.

Dawknight3161384d ago

I'll take bets its about Project Morpheous.

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ShadowWolf7121385d ago

I cannot, for the life of me, fathom why people think Sony needs to release this. It's not even a little needed.

Skate-AK1384d ago

Have you ever played a Team ICO game? They are some of the best.

ShadowWolf7121384d ago


I'm speaking os some PS4 "Slim" model.

lipton1011384d ago

The PS4 is slim the way it is man. Mine works perfect as is, no need for a lateral "upgrade" with identical specs. I also have the 3 year additional warranty so I'm set until at least 2017

ziggurcat1384d ago

not going to happen (at least not this early in the PS4's life cycle), and the concept was confirmed to be fake.

i just want to see more games!

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SilentNegotiator1384d ago

We need Ps4 small, not slim. It's already slim, but it spreads out way too far.

Christopher1384d ago

I wouldn't call a new model a new initiative. Probably more about opening up the PS4 to third-party services like Spotify.

At least I hope that's the case.

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4theplayers1385d ago

The Last Guardian is coming back!

brando0081385d ago

That would make for one of the best days of my life

Tctczach1384d ago

Of your life????..... :(lol. Ok.

UltraNova1384d ago

The phrase "Get a life" springs to mind hahaha.

Never-mind that^^ I'm glad you are so enthusiastic for this game, as for me I gave up waiting for it 6-7 years ago. However with the turbulent history behind this game I wouldn't announce its revival anywhere other than E3...

showtimefolks1385d ago


I think it's a far gone conclusion that we will find out more about TLG. It's in development confirmed by Sony so I fully expect it. but I think that's more E3

xabmol1384d ago

Don't tease me, man. I can't get my hopes up. Not again. I've had my heart broken too many times already...

Mechanism1385d ago

Sony laying on the smack down early in the year...

SoapShoes1385d ago

They layed it down last year with games then ended the year with the amazing psx now they're the only system with AAA exclusives for the first half of 2015 with more already announced(Dragons Dogma, new Square exclusive) and an event in Feb? Sounds like they're capitalizing on the weakness of their competition.

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monreader1385d ago

@shadyiswin I comment very rarely, but I had to reply to your ridiculous comment. To call Bloodbourne an AA indie is crazy. In no way, shape or form is Bloodbourne an AA game, and it sure as hell is not an indie.

Dude what are you smoking because I want some of that! HAHA

remixx1161385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Thank God your ignorance is limited to one bubble, also did you watch psx, a new god of war was announced to be in production plus superstardust ultra, mlb the show, dungeon defenders 2, drawn to death and many others.....oh and the second half of the year is jammed as well.

........wait why am I taking the bait??

Repjaws1385d ago

@Shadyiswin You just went full retard,never go full retard.

Inception1384d ago

ROTFL this is the 1st time i see people saying Bloodborne is "almost a AA indie". I guess some fanboys really losses a lot of screw in their head.

andibandit1384d ago

What crack are you smoking???

Nearly all consoles produced a SNOREFEST last year...the only purchase I was happy about was TLOU and that was a remaster...

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Highlife1385d ago

I think they finally realized they need to go full in on PlayStation with it being their money maker. With Other divisions not doing well closing shops and cutting jobs in mobile (people should really buy more Sony cell phones I have the z3 and its pure quality) its clear they need to push PlayStation hard.

extermin8or1384d ago

I agree it have Z2 after I saw my father's z1 he had for a year and their phones are excellent.

JMaine5181385d ago

I think it's time I figured out how to become a Playstation MVP member!

PR_FROM_OHIO1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

This is interesting! Sony is not messing around this gen! I wonder what they have planned!