H1Z1: Sony Will Ban Anyone Who Abuses Item Duplication

"The drama just doesn't end for Sony Online Entertainment's H1Z1. After it was revealed that the game would have paid airdrops for weapons in spite of past promises, Sony buckled down and offered refunds to anyone, no questions asked. The next nasty item on the menu is item duplication exploits, which Sony has been trying to squash before the game leaves Early Access."

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Neixus1363d ago

That's good.

I'm tired of people duping, and then they be like ''It's the devs fault for leaving out a bug!!''

No, It's called exploiting the game.

reallyNow1363d ago

devs really should fix duping though. i mean, its a pretty serious exploit that has potential to ruin the experience for other players. i wouldnt allow my product to launch like that.

ikkokucrisis1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I agree, it's not cool to ban people that payed $ to beta test your game and find exploits.

If they really want to stop this insanity on their servers they should just write a script that limits people to holding a maximum amount of rare items (like guns & ammunition).

Or reset everyone's game items at the end of the week.

During this beta testing phase, I would think the best strategy for your getting your game ready to be released to the masses is to encourage/reward people to find any exploits or bugs, and then make adjustments to your game accordingly.

Naga1363d ago


Here! Take our buggy game and find the bugs. But don't you dare use the bugs! If you use the bugs, we'll ban you.

hasamalaha1363d ago

If you find and report a bug/exploit... good job.

There's still no excuse to continually abuse the exploit. You should get banned.

Pandamobile1363d ago

In the full game that's fine.

But this is an early access title. It's a dick-move to ban your players for using exploits when the game is still far, far from finished.

MrCrimson1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Is there anyone who thinks duping is an intended game mechanic? Discovering it versus duplicating otherwise unattainable amounts of materials crafting incinerators in order to block off entry ways of buildings isn't cool.

NegativeCreep4271363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

It's a Dick Move to take advantage of a bug and exploit it against other players to begin with. Nobody likes a F'n cheater. If you've played any COD games online in the past, you should understand that.

Pandamobile1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Cheating in an unreleased game is a grey area. You're there to test the game, and part of testing that game is finding exploits and bringing it to the devs' attention.

If they start banning people for every little exploit they leave in the game, they're going to really piss off their more dedicated community members.

If your players are using exploits in a beta game, fix the exploits, don't ban the players for taking advantage of them. That's totally counter-intuitive for player-relations and community building.

MrCrimson1363d ago

They aren't banning them for using the exploit, they are banning them from this point forward for using this specific exploit. They are providing warning that from this point forward exploiting the game at the expense of other players consciously and repeatedly is bannable offense.

lemoncake1363d ago

Like you say it's early access so they are basically beta testing the game and should be looking for these issues before the actual launch so it gets fixed. Ideally all characters should be wiped clean at launch and maybe even a few times during the testing, that's not going to happen though because people would be upset at loosing progress especially since they paid for it. Being banned from a beta test is kind of lame, being banned from a launched game is expected if you exploit.

Bathyj1363d ago

Well are these people finding these exploits and then reporting them, or are they finding them and just being a jerk about it and using it to their advantage and ruining the gameplay of others?

Serious question, because I dont know, but I must say, it sounds like the latter.

Plus only the first person who found it can claim they were doing it innocently and for the good of the game. If its a know issue now, and people are just doing what they heard someone else did to cheat, then they are the ones performing the phallic shaped object move.

If thats the case and they get banned, I say good job, you were warned. Beta doesnt excuse everything. If anything you would expect more bugs in there so its up to the community not to be idiots about it.

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nidhogg1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

What? it's not the players fault that there was an exploit. it was a bug and they took that to their advantage. This is just unfair on all levels and those players should have not been banned because of the dev's mistake duh.

MultiConsoleGamer1363d ago

Good to see them taking a pro active stance against cheaters.

cheameup1363d ago

Isn't the idea of early access to find exploits so they can be fixed ?

TekKing1363d ago

I'm glad they're banning people instead of fixing the bugs.


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