Amiibo Compatibility Chart Shows All Games That Support Amiibo

Nintendo Enthusiast: "This handy amiibo compatibility chart shows which games each of the currently available amiibo work with, as well as some of the specific effects they can have."

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DryBoneKoopa851359d ago

"It shows how few games Amiibo supports".

Umm Amiibo has only been out since November 2014 and already supports 9 games with more being announced. Skylanders only supports up to 4 games in 4 YEARS and Disney Infinity 2 games in 2 years.

I think Nintendo has been doing a great job with Amiibo and compatibility within their games.

Something Nintendo does need to do is ramp up production on there Amiibos so they can meet the demand.

GameSpawn1359d ago

But they're also feeding scalpers. People are buying up Amiibos and scalping them far beyond what they are worth. It's a double edged sword, unless Nintendo constantly re-releases common Amiibos to remove arbitrary rarity and kill off the scalpers reasons for buying all these things up.

There is also the difference that Skylanders and Infinity REQUIRE the figurines for the game to even function, the Amiibos are completely tertiary to the games they are compatible with and only unlock tiny bonuses or exclusive costumes that have no impact beyond looks.

I'm not saying any one is better than the other. All three are rackets for parents to bleed more money blindly on their kids. Thank you Skylanders.

Perjoss1359d ago

Only Nintendo can convince fully grown men to buy colourful plastic toys :D

xwilldemise1359d ago

I try to convince myself not to buy what simply seems like "toys" lol but deep down I really want a Bowser, Link, Yoshi, Ike & Rosalina(well maybe not Rosalina because she seems to be sold out) amiibo Dx