Project Cars Exclusive Playstation 4 Gameplay

VVV: "This new selection of VVV videos are all filmed and uploaded at 1080p 60fps, giving you all a clear indication of how the game is running at this point in development. It’s worth noting that this is all still a work in progress and many elements will be improved, fixed and revised as we close on the game going gold. This also represents only a fraction of the cars and circuits within the game. Suffice to say you won’t be getting bored quickly, but first check out part 1 for an overview of proceedings which will link to our additional content due appear on the channel shortly."

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level 3601385d ago

Really felt bad when the game got pushed back to March 2015 because this "WAS" the first game I wanted to own and play when I finally plonked my money on a PS4 console.

Do understand the developers' reasoning for further improvement, but alas it's nearly March 2015.

( Lucky though that DriveClub got a massive improvement so that became my first game on the PS4 along with 2 other PS4 titles with the bundle deal I picked )

Great footage even if it's still work in progress. Will surely get this on 1st day release.

xfiles20991385d ago

Driveclub with the improvments Looks great I love how they are giving us new cars and new tours awesome stuff. Project cars is a beast its a Forza Killer. This is a day one buy for me.

LexHazard791385d ago

Project Cars a Forza Killer? Lol...wouldnt that make it a GT killer as well seeing as Forza has had the better games of late. Also, sad when you have to resort to saying it like Project Cars is a PS4 Im glad I finally get a real racing game on PS4.

xfiles20991385d ago

We have no Idea about the New GT so no Project Cars is not a GT killer yet. But with the recent additions to the Forza franchise yes Project Cars looks like a Forza Killer. Driveclub is a Forza killer so far. There has not been a good Forza game since Forza 4. The recent additions are terrible.

LexHazard791385d ago

Dude, you probably never played FH2 because most who have played including myself thinks its amazing. I cant say for DriveClub as I have not tried it. But if you say its better than any racer on Xbox it most be awesome! So awesome it got shitty reviews, so awesome, Sony didnt release it on PS+ because they knew noone would buy it had they done it that way. So so awesome I cant wait to try it. Whenever it finally comes to PS+..

Orbilator1385d ago

Looks nice, still doesnt do it for me, but its come a long way from when i first played the beta.

I love the way the guy tells us its awesome, best game etc etc, did we think he was gonna say anything was better than it.

Had a weeee stab a gran turismo saying the replays hadnt moved on since 1997 which was a bit harsh considering they look good if.

I may pick this up used at 20 but I think driveclub will do me till a GT7 arrives, or a decent Forza.

Me-Time1385d ago

The replays in GT are understated and cinematic at times. I really like the combination.

VVV Mars VG1382d ago

I don't go round telling people its awesome, would I buy it? Yes. Has it come a long way from the early builds, yes.

No I'm not impressed with the sterile feel of Gran Turismo, its dull and doesn't recreate the feeling of intensity of real motorsport.

If people are happy to stick with Driveclub for a couple of years then all good, however if this game doesn't work out commercially, we'll continue to see sims only on the PC in the future .

TheBrownBandito1381d ago

It really needs to work out. I'm not a sim head, but I'm fed up to the back teeth of being boned out of the race in the first corner of DriveClub.

Project Cars is hopefully a game for the grown ups, which as you rightly say, has been missing from consoles for too long.

Bring it on I say. :)

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