Microsoft is Still Missing the Point When it Comes to PC Gaming

Gamemoir's Paul talks about Microsoft’s Windows 10 press conference and how disappointing it was for PC gamers.

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mhunterjr1386d ago

I think this author is missing the point of the press conference... It wasn't a gaming conference it was a windows 10 showcase.

I think a PC gamer should be excited to see that MS is fixing to release DX12 which will help developers better utilize PC hardware AND by making Windows 10 a free upgrade, MS has all but guarunteed that Dx12 will be heavily adopted.

Frankly, PC didn't need to showcase a bunch of PC games at this event just to show that they support PC gaming.

Mega241386d ago

So true, I'm actually loving Windows 10 at the moment. There is some room for improvement, but it's shaping up nicely.

ShowanW1386d ago


The author of this post is lacking patience.

Microsoft made is very clear that there would be more news and reveals for gaming at gaming event(s) conferences.

Why do people always write articles like this, when it was made clear, what the briefing was all about.

Yetter1386d ago

Yep was going to make the exact same point, but you beat me to it

aliengmr1386d ago

In all honesty MS should stay at arms-length from PC gaming, IMO. So long as they provide a competent platform and not try some GFWL crap again, I'm happy. I am far beyond wishing Microsoft would "support" (whatever that entails at this point) PC gaming, beyond Windows. A nod here and there is good enough.

starchild1386d ago

Obviously none of us want another GFWL, but there are lots of other ways Microsoft could better support PC gaming that would be wholly or mostly beneficial.

VVgamer4lifeVV1386d ago

MS should give up on console gaming and focus on making PC gaming machines

konnerbllb1386d ago

Everyone who isn't a casual gamer.

Perjoss1386d ago

People that are smart enough to build and maintain one and also have a job.

TXIDarkAvenger1386d ago

Building a PC=/=Buying a PC

mhunterjr1386d ago

Are you suggesting MS get into the PC hardware business and make gaming PCs? That sounds like a ridiculous idea considering most PC gamers would rather just build their own PCs.

They should stick to making software when it comes to PCs.

qwerty6761386d ago

"Microsoft is Still Missing the Point When it Comes to PC Gaming"

microsoft also said it had more to share about pc gaming later this year.........

ScorpiusX1386d ago

So he's just pissed cause MS didn't just handover their console exclusive games to the PC platform. Want cheese with that whine.

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