Vita Loses Near. Good Riddance

Sony removes support for a few applications on Vita. And it's honestly about time too.

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Romudeth1363d ago

I agree with this. What a completely wasted app. It had potential which was squandered.

Venomousfatman1363d ago

Its the definite truth. There could have been a real contender against Nintendo's StreetPass on 3DS. NEAR had all the makings to be so, they just never followed up or took it even further to where it needed to be.

3-4-51363d ago

Vita Games are it's problem.

* It has JRPG's, but the KIND it has, basically all they are is a bunch of 14 year old girls in hardly any clothing with huge animated boobs.

NOT many people want to play that. Sure like 5-10% of gamers do, but then you get 5-10% of sales......just like the vita is getting.

* There aren't that many GOOD JRPG's.

* There aren't that many GOOD sports games.

* There isn't a Wide Variety of gaming genres adn sub-genres.

* If you don't like animated youth boobs, Cooking, or visual novels about spirits, that elliminates about 50% of the Vita's gaming catalog.

^ THAT is the problem.

The other problem is the defensive Vita gamers who get their feelings hurt everytime one of us brings this FACT up.

If there were 100 Gamers, then Vita is being catered to 5 of them.

That is WHY the sales are down.

They were wrong about how many "hardcore" gamers there were, or even WHAT they were.

* I love my Vita, but every time a game is announced there is a 90% chance it won't be a game that appeals to me nor probably about 70% of Vita owners.

The game choices are really weak, and when you actually are honest with yourself you may find the same conclusion.

beakeroo11363d ago

Persona 4G
Tales Of Hearts R
Disgaea 3
Disgaea 4
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X2
Ys Memories Of Celceta
One Piece Red World Unlimited

There you go, of the top of my head 8 very good RPG games that are not about 14yo girls.

You're just a stereo typical CoD boy who wanted FPS and to trash talk games genres you agent interested in.
I'm not really into RPGs, I'm more into hunter genre which I guess you aren't either so do yourself a favor and instead of trashing it, just sell the damn thing and quit bitching about it. Buy a 3DS (the new ones great BTW) and play Mario (or MH4U which is great BTW)

Death1363d ago


Wouldn't it make more sense for Sony to release games that the stereotypical CoD fanboys would like? Call it a crazy idea, but catering to the larger audience as well as niche gamers sounds like it's a crazy enough plan that it might just work.

From the look of your list, are any of the games you listed not ports available on the PS2/PS3 anyway? I would think games made specifically for the Vita would be a welcome addition to the game library.

beakeroo11363d ago

I actually agree death, there hasn't been enough western support I'm just pointing out that 345 is bashing perfectly good games for no reason other than they aren't his thing.

Sketchy_Galore1363d ago

"Vita Games are it's problem.

* It has JRPG's, but the KIND it has, basically all they are is a bunch of 14 year old girls in hardly any clothing with huge animated boobs. "

...So...... what's the problem? ....oh, I get it, 'animated'. Yeah that's annoying but they tried Full Motion Videogames back in the days of the Sega CD, they just don't work well.

reallyNow1363d ago

the vita needs gran turismo, it needs a call of duty that isnt that piece of trash that got released. it needs more PS2 remasters. it needs everquest.

Cam9771363d ago

The psp was my favourite system for a while because of it's games and portability, I played it more than my ps3, PC and woo at times. I sold my vita within a year because the games available are somewhat bleak and there aren't enough releases to warrant buying the system, it's only going to worsen too,

rainslacker1363d ago

I think Vita overall is an excellent JRPG or japanese games in general machine, and someone who's into those games can't imagine that they could ignore the system. In this way, it's much like the PSP.

Where it isn't like the PSP though is that they don't have a steady supply of games with more variety. They have every genre covered of course, but the games themselves aren't the kind that generally appeal to the broader more mainstream western audience.

On the PSP they had a couple MGS games, Gran Turismo and lots of other racers, a steady supply of spin offs of popular FPS's, tons of puzzle games, and plenty of niche games which could appeal to a wider audience.

The Vita is a great machine, and I can't argue against Sony's lack of variety on the system, even from their first party selections. They certainly have a good selection of games on the system, but I can understand why people could overlook it because it just lacks those must have titles.

Ironically enough, it's first year or so, when people were saying it had no games, is when they had the most games that would have appealed more to a western audience.

3-4-51363d ago

I have Disgaea 4 and it's awesome. One of the few games I have for Vita that is really good.

* Ys is maybe the only somewhat normalish RPG and even that is a some what hack n slash-ish Action RPG.

* FFX-2 is a remake from yea

* Tales of Hearts helps...but also a remake.

* Persona 4.....remake

* One Piece at least feels different enough to be worth purchasing but still a bit niche. solid effort though.

* Still not enough..

* Remake,Remake,Remake,game about spirits,Grindy SRPG that is fun,decent Action RPG, niche weird anime game that is decent,

I wouldn't BRAG about that....

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HisRoyalFlyness1363d ago

Sony should pull the plug on the Vita already, it's been on life support for almost 2 years now

Venomousfatman1363d ago

Sony has done stuff with the Vita, but it hasnt been with the Triple A games or full push that everyone has been wanting for a while. There are a ton of great games on Vita that everyone should play, just no big AAA games of late.

PoSTedUP1363d ago

there are AAA games as of late, just not big named ones. atelier ayesha plus, tales of heartsR, hyperdemention rebirth2, mxgp motocross, motoGP14, Resogun (smaller, but amazing fun), freedomwars, projectdivaF2nd, plus a lot of indies ranging from medium to smaller sized games. the only one i prob wont buy would be project diva cuz its not my thing. maybe ill try Persona4 dance when it releases, maybe.

beakeroo11363d ago

I'm not generally interested in rhythm games but I'll give Persona a try as I loved P4G so much, it actually was my entrance into JRPG.

rbailey1363d ago

Sony has done an absolutely horrible job supporting this device with quality games as a whole for quite awhile now. Many will argue that the JRPGs are great, but these games definitely aren't for everyone. They still have time to make the device more valuable of course, but for now there is absolutely no denying that the Nintendo 3DS is only real handheld that making waves now.

mcstorm1363d ago

The problem is Nintendo have the right ip's for a handheld console Sony don't. The psv in terms of hardware is amazing but for me you can't sell a handheld like a home console which they tried to do with the PSV.
It will be interesting to see if they support the psv for much longer and a' so if we see another handheld from them again.

souldestroyer141363d ago

The tech is great the library sucks

MoreGravyPleez1363d ago

Near had a lot of potential but as with the Vita as a whole, Sony has not supported it in the least. I wouldn't agree with the "Good Riddance!" title, because I think the loss of it is still a loss, it isn't like the Vita is gaining anything from it's removal.

Sony should have used feedback and developed Near into a micro social media experience for PSN / Vita owners. Guess it is too late now ...

JoeReno1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I remember when the Vita first came out Near was pretty cool leaving in game gifts for people to find. that was awesome, but then updates happened and it lost all the coolness. It's ok if it goes away because it lost its point in my opinion.

Unit 13 was a perfect example how it was used cool you could leave High Value Target gifts for people that hadn't finished every mission.

reallyNow1363d ago

i still think unit 13 is the best vita game.

GokuSolosAll1363d ago

Near may not be missed but YouTube is necessary. I don't want to juggle devices so don't even say it.

Ultr1363d ago

You can still use the browser.

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