Indie Dev: Nintendo are "Very Supportive" of New Developers

An indie developer have said that Nintendo are "very supportive" of people working on games for the Wii U. They also provided a brief look behind the curtain at just how Nintendo's indie relations work.

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gangsta_red1363d ago

People are so concerned about indie titles on PS4 or Xbox One that we overlook that WiiU has just as many and are very supportive of their indie scene. All this without a parity clause or a money hat pub fund.

wonderfulmonkeyman1363d ago

Good stuff; I hope they've found someone to replace Dan.
I'm looking forward to more from people like Yacht Club Games.

GokuSolosAll1363d ago

Glad to see the big 3 open to indies but they should do more to help them and get them onboard.

DaGodKing1363d ago

i not a heavy indie game player but from time to time i find good indie games that surprised me and make me feel like iam playing a game from yester-year..hitting me right in the feels..