Reggie: MMOs Possible, More Mii Customization

As Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime continues to do his media rounds, he took time to check in on the continually growing reality-spoof MMO Second Life. Looking mostly like himself, Fils-Aime answered a few questions with Reuters news service's embedded reporter.

On the possibility of Wii MMOs:

"The Wii certainly has enough power to drive an MMO and make it totally interactive. Are we as a first party looking at it? Not so far, but are we encouraging other developers to look into this? Absolutely. We believe with the nunchuck and the Wii remote it could be a fantastic MMO.

There's nothing from a pure MMO standpoint in the pipeline but I have spoken with a handful of developers and it's something they're intrigued with." -- Fils-Aime

What about further Wii customization?

"We think the ability to customize your Mii if very fascinating, adding more personality, more information, so certainly that's something we're looking at."

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ChickeyCantor4364d ago

i think developers should use the Mii DATA and not really the Mii it self and with that i mean developers make there own costume "Mii"parts like hair/eyes/face just assigned to the Mii data.

so you would get some different "mii's" that look like you( a cartoony you, a realistic you, a SIMS you).