Playstation TV Impressions

Geoffrey from OGUK has been playing around with PS TV lately, see what he has to say in regards to performance, usefulness and compatibility

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spacedelete1385d ago

don't bother its a dead system Sony doesn't want to support. the Vita game library is full of trash as well.

superchiller1386d ago

It's a fantastic little micro console. Well worth the cheap price for what you get. I have two of them, in two different rooms, and they're fantastic.

nowitzki20041386d ago

They are so much better than Roku or anything similar.

uth111386d ago

I have one, mostly use it for remote play, but do play some of the Vita games on it too.

Agent_00_Revan1386d ago

Same. Remote Play for my PS4 was the #1 reason for buying it. Works fantastic!!

But I did also get it for some Vita games. Thanks to PS+ I have a decent little catalog of games to play with it.

I think its well worth the price and highly recommend it to any Sony fan. Its the perfect accessory to go along with a PS4.

hkgamer1386d ago

remote play is great, but remember that the vita and psp has some fantastic games aswell.

baggio10000001386d ago

I was able to finally test the remote play using the internet instead of my local network. I was using a hotel wifi. I was 300 miles from my PS4. 7 mb down, 2up. I was able to have a decent cpu match of Injustice:Gods Amung us with very little lag. It was very playable. I did not notice much in the way of jaggies either. I was very impressed!