Nintendo’s Outlook Disappoints and Mario Can’t Save Wii U

Worldwide amiibo sales are blossoming. About 5.7 million figures have sold which equates to at least 74 million dollars for the toy figures.

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Applejack1358d ago

That's majorly impressive and I don't think Nintendo even dreamed that this would happen! Now if you excuse me, I'll keep trying to find a Captain Falcon and Rosalina...

DryBoneKoopa851358d ago

I agree that is awesome news! I have two captain falcons... wish their was a way I could hook you up. Both are still in the box.

breakpad1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

the most lamest game accessory ever created and just makes ton of money for nintendo... while it is the most cheap,ultra maneygrabbing strategy , people fell for it ..

Concertoine1358d ago

Holy crap. Imagine if there weren't shortages.

shaw981358d ago

I think the shortages actually made sales higher, many people want to order an amiibo when it is available due to it's rariarity.

Concertoine1358d ago

I lost interest as soon as i realized i couldnt find one i wanted for less than 40 bucks

shaw981358d ago

My God. And to think that I only have 2 of them.

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Activemessiah1358d ago

Now that's how you make a quick buck without charging for fuel -_-

1358d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.