Cult Classic Cho Aniki Developer's "Long-Awaited" New Game Will Be Announced on Next Week's Famitsu

Masaya Games, developer of the cult classic Cho Aniki, has been teasing a "long-awaited" new game coming soon, and today they updated their official website, giving us a clearer idea on when the title will be announced.

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DarkOcelet1361d ago

I am not really sure how i feel about this, their games are so ****ed up. I really sympathize with people who will review it. Seriously, Who plays this $#$$

Abriael1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Haha the original Cho Aniki was actually a whole lot of fun. The imagery wasn't my thing, but...

MoveTheGlow1361d ago

I think the ****ed-upness is the point of those games. Maybe they're making something else that's super bizarre...