Eurogamer - Performance Analysis: Dying Light

Eurogamer - With no chance to look at final code for Dying Light on any platform prior to its US release yesterday, it's safe to say that we're still in the early stages of our full multi-platform analysis - but we have played enough of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions to offer up an initial look at game performance.

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lonelyplayer1358d ago

Eurogamer: "it's safe to say that, at this point, the game runs consistently on PlayStation 4 with the Xbox One version lagging behind in certain areas, while image quality is close overall."

BallsEye1358d ago

Ofcourse selective reading. You forgot to add:
"However, the PS4 version suffers from a disappointing lack of anisotropic filtering, with oblique angles producing much sharper texture work on Xbox One. "

MasterCornholio1358d ago

But both look almost the same which is what they said with the PS4 version running better.

Seems like the PS4 version is better due to its more stable framerate.

But they are almost the same.

Whitey2k1358d ago

u also missed that ps4 version runs at full 108p why xbox version has 20% less pixels

nicksetzer11358d ago

@whitey Is eurogamer mistaken in this case? This was a quote from techland after going gold

"Techland recently confirmed that Dying Light will run in native 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The studio was originally targeting a frame rate of 60 fps, but said that it decided to scale back that target in order to deliver a "rock-solid" 30 fps because "a stable frame rate is paramount" in a game like Dying Light."

jukins1358d ago Show
Genuine-User1358d ago

I'll summarize it for you lot.

PS4 lacks AF
Xbox one has lower resolution, lower frame-rate and quite a bit of tearing.

NerdStalker1358d ago

You are one very sad individual, is this all you ever do pick away at straws just to tell us you think Xbox One is the superior console? Both versions are almost identical if one console some how has something a little superior it's not a big deal, but obviously you have a chip on your shoulder Ballseye so it's a big deal to you.

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MasterCornholio1358d ago


Both look almost the same but the PS4 version performs better.

hello121358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Of course it will run better if its missing assets.

In 3D graphics Anisotropic Filtering, abbreviated as AF, is a technique used to improve image quality in computer video games.

The PS4 version isn't using it and x box 1 version is how much is it affecting performance and why have devs left it out for PS4?

Is this the new method of getting games running better on PS4 with better frames rates?

u got owned1358d ago


"However, the PS4 version suffers from a disappointing lack of anisotropic filtering, with oblique angles producing much sharper texture work on Xbox One."

This is something that makes me wonder about that 50% more power on PS4, if this was true wouldn't the PS4 be able to do this at a stable 30FPS.

You ask some very legit questions regardless of the many disagree on your comment.

MasterCornholio1358d ago


Missing assets?

What about the Xbox One rendering 20% less pixels?

So in the end that should even it out.

Which means your wrong KNWS.


Genuine-User1358d ago

KNWS, you're spreading a lot of nonsense.

"Of course it will run better if its missing assets."

It's not missing any assets.

"The PS4 version isn't using it and x box 1 version is how much is it affecting performance and why have devs left it out for PS4? "

Most probably a bug that needs fixing.
Anisotropic Filtering makes no significant dent on performance of any particular game.

"Is this the new method of getting games running better on PS4 with better frames rates?"

No. It's just you spreading nonsense.

gangsta_red1357d ago

20% less pixels...really..??

I swear some of the gamers on this site are really scrapping the bottom of barrel when 20% less pixels and a dip in performance in SOME areas is the basis to declare and celebrate which version is the "superior" version.

It's like celebrating that your home didn't all the way burn down and only the dog died and not your cat.

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ABizzel11358d ago

The trolls come in strong. Again there's little reason to have these comparisons, even though we know the PS4 is the better console GPU-wise.



PS4 seems to have a higher resolution
PS4 has a more consistent and stable framerate
PS4 seems to lack anisotropic filtering (loses details in the distance)


Seems to have a lower than full 1080p
More framerate drops than PS4, but still solid
Noticeable amount of torn frames
Has anisotropic filtering (things are more detailed in the distance)

JJShredder1358d ago

Runs a little better on PS4 which is to be expected but overall seems to be a good job on both consoles.

My issue is the freakin film grain that, to me, is horribly obvious and ruins the crispness of 1080P for me.

Christopher1358d ago

Yeah. Film grain drowns out sharpness and gives it an even worse "brown" feel to everything. I liked the Mass Effect series for the ability to turn off that. Wish more games did that.

MasterCornholio1358d ago

Whenever a game gives me an option to turn film grain off I take it.

LonDonE1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Dude go watch the video, the x1 version is constantly dipping frame rate below 30fps and has screen tearing galore all the while rendering below native 1080p!

The only bonus it has is the AF, but more then likely the PS4 version missiong AF is a bug and will be patched in.

Sadly as some one who owns all 3 currentg en consoles i am getting tired of the constant tearing in X1 games!

The PS4 version is clearly the best console version of dying light to buy.
I just really hope DX12 will help keep future X1 games fully vsync with zero tearing like PS4, and hopefully we see more native 1080p too without constant fps dips! this gen a bare minimum should be native 1080p with a locked 30fps and zero screen tearing.

Seriously the screen tearing in X1 games is getting out of hand.
And yes film grain is vomit enducing, ALL GAMES should allow us to turn it OFF!

JJShredder1358d ago

I did watch the video "Dude" and I can tell you first hand that the X1 version that is sitting in my console right now that I put 5 hours into last night doesn't tear like it does in the video.

There was also a day one patch that most likely addressed this.

This is coming from someone who sold their copy of Lords of the Fallen on PS4 because I couldn't stand the tearing on it after an hour.

the_dark_one1358d ago


"I can tell you first hand that the X1 version that is sitting in my console right now that I put 5 hours into last night doesn't tear like it does in the video. " - that doesnt mean it doesnt tearit could still be very small tearing and to tell you the truth if it wasnt for the markers in the video i prob wouldnt noticed it, but its there

LonDonE1358d ago

Just cos you dont notice the tearing and fps drops doesn't mean its not happening!

Like for instance after Titanfall came out on xbox one and the screen tearing was HORRENDOUS, to this day on the forums some xbox gamers deny its even happening and blame the complainers tvs LMAO

Forgive me for not taking your word over digital foundries who have videos clearly showing said fault! i tell you what capture some footage the watch it back, look at the edges of left and right side and i bet you will notice it, maybe not while playing as allot of my more casual gamer friends but you will notice it in the captured footage.

Look i am not a x1 hater, see my avatar pic and profile/comment history i actually really like mt x1 but i am just getting fed up with its tearing problems granted all platforms have games which tear, ps4 and pc included its just so far this gen its been worse on x1.

The 360 also had tearing in allot of games while the same games had no tearing on PS3 while dropping frames and on 360 the frame rate was more stable but had tearing.

Problem is this gen we are on average getting lower resolutions, lower frame rates and tearing galore which is UNACCEPTABLE for a supposed new console.

Capture footage and then watch it back i bet you will see tearing, maybe the patch improved it but as of now the tearing, the lower resolution, the dipping frame rate is not acceptable! PS4 is POWNING the x1 at the moment!

as @the_dark_one said, it is tearing this is fact! no denying it!

Christopher1357d ago

***constantly dipping***

It's not constant, actually. It's pretty uncommon in gameplay, seems more common in some cut scenes.

Let's not make it into more of an issue than it is. Is it worse than the PS4? Yes. Is it that much worse that it's a problem that affects gameplay? Nope.

LonDonE1356d ago

Dude whatever makes you sleep at night!
maybe for you the differences are not that big or obvious but dont speak for everybody.

Sheesh dont take it so seriously dude!
The X1 in MOST games is worse off then the PS4 versions this is just FACT accept it and move on.

For you it may not seem like its constantly dipping but for others like myself it may so whatever floats your boat k?

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Christopher1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Performance differences seem extremely minor. Very hard to detect differences in texture quality, but it is there (sharper on the PS4).

Nothing here that would dictate buying one version over another just for graphics, but for whichever one you like or have more friends on to play co-op with.

emilijo7771358d ago

Let's summarize :

Xbone : Lower resoution and frame rate, tearing and probably texture streaming problem ( , )

PS4 : Lack of AF on PS4.

tlougotg1358d ago

Ps4 wins again. If this was the 360/ps3 era and xbox360 version had just a fraction of what is mentioned in this article favoring 360 version headlines would read "Xbox 360 version trumps ps3 version once again" And game sites and fanboys would be all over it. The hypocrisy is really crazy this generation and we know its because Sony isnt a U.S. company lol

Ps4 better in most ways
Better, stable framerate
Better resolution (xbone: Xbox One is operating at a reduced 1536x1080 - or something very close to it. That's a basic 20 per cent drop in the overall pixel count.)
Xbone has alot of screen tearing

Only ps4 version doesnt have is the AF but overall its not as close as ppl are saying, PS4 version trumps xbone

higgins781358d ago

Do these performance figures constitute a 'win' these days?

the_dark_one1358d ago

"Do these performance figures constitute a 'win' these days?" - they did when was last gen with 360 vs ps3 soooooo ya they still do now

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