Iwata: "Wii U is Not Over Yet," With Unannounced Titles to be Revealed

Following Nintendo’s financial report for its first nine months of fiscal year 2014, new information on the Wii U’s future has been revealed, including unannounced titles for the system.

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Moonman1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Oh boy, Wii U has so many gems this year and E3 will be amazing!

"Wii U is not over yet. I want to continue to build on playing on people’s high expectations [for the system].”

What an awesome statement! That is why gaming is so damn good with Nintendo!

Magicite1363d ago

I dont think they would launch successor to WiiU before 2017, so 2 more years for WiiU is a bare minimum, probably more.
There is no way they could reach Gamecube numbers LTD, but at least console is selling with profit and their best games have high attach rate.
I have never owned a Nintendo system, but Im rooting for you, Nintendo fans, competition must stay healthy.

Moonman1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Wii U is still $299.99. If it were $99, I could agree but it's not. Gamecube was much cheaper at this point. Wii U has room to grow an install base far higher than Gamecube with price cuts.

gedden71363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

We sold 9 so far.. Wii U will get to 21 in another two years and maybe less

remixx1161363d ago

I could a sworn they just announced 9.2 million some research dude geez.

BiggerBoss1363d ago

@remix who are you talking to? No one said it didnt :s

Anyways, you act like 9 million in two years is alot, which it definitely isnt. Luckily for Nintendo, their games are gold and print money for them

kwandar1363d ago

They could launch an upgraded version, just as they did for the 3DS.

Add a few more cores, and it could be more powerful than the PS4 or X1. It would cost less than the current Wii U too, as you wouldn't have to package a gamepad, for those who are simply upgrading.

The problem with the strategy is that some games coming out would only be playable on the new Wii U+ system. I could live with that.

remixx1161363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

@biggerboss chill bro I was responding to gedden, who claimed the wiiu had sold 20 million units so far. I'm not saying 9 Milli in 2 years is a lot I was actually pointing out his lie.

He pulled a ninja edit and I'm guessing it fooled you.

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higgins781363d ago

I see you scored many disagrees. Just for the record, I agree. Seems an affordable system with a good amount of quality games disagrees with people these days - ONLY of course if it goes under the Nintendo banner. It appears the self-proclaimed fanboys are yet to forgive Nintendo for not just making the Wii U another behemoth with a library of chav fodder at its disposal. Oh well, you can't please everybody.

3-4-51363d ago

Wii has 1,000+ games, but how many of them were actually good or worth playing....maybe 200, which is a respectable amount, but there was a lot of trash shovelware as well.

Wii U has obviously far less games, but the "good" games is has, I would compare them to the Wii's good games, and even more so once 2015 is complete.

* Wii U will make a profit, but more importantly, it allowed Nintendo to tinker with ideas at a far higher rate than either Sony & Microsoft.

* In terms of ideas, and where to head for the next console, Nintendo is 1-2 years ahead of Sony & Microsoft, in determining what the next gaming consoles should look or play like...what kind of games should be made.

* Not just the release head start, but also with innovation.

2016 E3 = First info reveal of New Nintendo Handheld

2017 E3 = E3 Reveal of New Nintendo Console.

New Handheld release = 2017

New Console release = 2018


AJBACK2FRAG1363d ago

The hand held and home video game console divisions were merged quite a while ago in my opinion Nintendo will be release a game console that is basically a handheld device tethered to a base unit by cloud and internet technologies. I have a strong feeling that during the development of the Wii U home video game console Nintendo discovered a way to do this with one hundred per cent reliability. I have a distinct feeling that Nintendo will actually go to war with smart devices. Phones, tablets etc. It's the final frontier! I've said a couple thing's on this website and basically got mocked but Sony and Microsoft are not competition to Nintendo devices and software. Everything is. Cable tv, concert's and yes even football anything that takes consumer's attention away from Nintendo device's and software is competition but hey I've been wrong before! Like thinking the Wii U will win this generation. Or that instead of having Reggie be in Super Smash Bros. you could just use Mii's! Oh wait!!!

Concertoine1363d ago

Even though the Wii U has been one of the company's biggest failures, the games will give it a legacy just like their other systems. I eagerly anticipate what's to come.

AKR1363d ago

It hasn't even been a "failure". Nintendo has wiped clean all of the losses that occurred with it, and have been making a profit for months. A console doesn't have to pull big numbers to be successful, no product does. If it's making money, it's successful.

LOL_WUT1363d ago

If they have to lower their estimated sales forecast for the third time and haves failed to garner more third party support then what does that tell you? 9 million in a 2 year lifespan isn't quite good ;)

Hellsvacancy1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I shall likely pick up a WiiU this year for my daughter, that Zelda game looks very good, I can see myself borrowing the WiiU from her from time to time, so it's really for me

I'm hoping for Mario Galaxy 3, I had a lot of fun playing 1 and 2 with my little girl, she loved it

solar1363d ago

I picked up a Wii U for me and the girl a few days ago. We just love playing Mario games. Very cool lil system

LonDonE1363d ago

Lol i bought wiiu at launch for me but justified it to my wife as for my 8yr old daughter, he he
I tell u throwing it on and playing it as a family with both my daughters and wife is some of the most fun i have had!

I own more games on my wiiu vs my x1 and ps4. It truely is a great games machine when playing alone or with friends and family, the library of top tier games just keeps getting better and if ninty give me atleast 1 metroid prime game i will be happy!

The bad stigma wiiu has is so unjustified and everyone who plays it at my house goes out and buys one.

AJBACK2FRAG1363d ago

Yes!!! When people on this site say Nintendo makes kiddie games I think and sometimes write that Nintendo develops video game software that the whole family can enjoy!! Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. There is to me an absolute delight in friendly competition! Sometimes not so friendly like Super Mario 3d World!!!! When I start up a Nintendo video game I do get a warm fun feeling inside. I always smile. There's just a level of quality to Nintendo software that no one could ever touch. People that prefer red, grey and black world's knock yourself out but I'm an adult and there's already too much red, black and grey in the real world for me!

kwandar1363d ago

MarioKart - play it with my daughter all the time. OHh.. and there is already Zelda WW which my daughter loved playing with me.

Dgats1363d ago

I bought the Wii U for my kids and the PS4 for me. Not only have I loved playing games with the family (which btw we finished every multiplayer game in Nintendland as a family of 5 under rated....great fun.), but the last 6 months My Ps4 has collected dust compared to the time I personally have spent on the Wii U. Maybe it's because of the low expectations, but the Wii U has done nothing but surprise me with one great experience after another. So...probably shouldn't admit this, but I'm actually playing WatchDogs on the wii u right now. My wife bought it for me for Christmas. When I asked her why she didn't buy me the PS4 version, she told me she only sees me on the Wii U. ....anyway, I thought about exchanging it....but I was curious about the wii u version....and once again, it plays great and looks pretty good. For a system that is supposedly under powered it handles some pretty big games.....and don't get me started on Bayonetta 2....omg.

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CloudRap1363d ago

Super Mario Sunshine 2 would make me run to the store and get a WiiU.

higgins781363d ago

This is the popular hipster comment of late. Sunshine is just a name. If SM3DW, Mario Kart 8 or Smash (for example) convince you to buy a Wii U, little else will. Also, I'm wondering - on the basis you own either...what game made you run out and buy a PS4 or XB1?

scorpio_20491363d ago

I disagree. Some of us like multiplayer games alright, but I got into gaming as a single player. SM3DW, MK8 and Smash Bros are all built as multi-players.

When I play a Mario game, I don't want other people to play with me. I want to explore and pick up coins and stars on my own. I'm serious when I'm playing and most other people around aren't on my level(not talking skill, I'm talking about enjoying the full experience).

I loved Sunshine, even more than Galaxy 1 & 2. So I'd love a Sunshine sequel, but I doubt we'll ever get one.

baldulf1363d ago

Rough translation:

"The WiiU is not dead yet, please buy our system!

We can promise at least 3-5 more games before we abandon ship."

Moonman1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I smell a troll. Wii U is on a roll with quality software. Maybe you didn't get the memo but it has been well documented all

baldulf1363d ago

The WiiU is closely following the steps of the Gamecube.

Hell, most of that quality software you talk about are sequels of games that were on the Gamecube too.

Moonman1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Yeah, cause the Gamecube cost $299.99 two years in.....sarcasm! ;p

You might need to understand mass market price is $149-$199.

filchron1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

quality kiddie sugar-y sugar-y sweet catsuited software. they could make games with moody lighting and mature presentation (without blood, sex, or guns) like they did in the N64 era with graphics close to this in real-time for their next console, but they probably won't because of how much people like you enable them. DEMAND MORE FROM THE MASTERS OF MATURE GAME PRESESNTATION. STOP WITH THE KIDDIE BULLSHIT.
the hardcore (and already mature gamers [some of us are 30yrs old already for Christ's sake] who made you who you are today.
I dont know about most of you guys but im ready for the Badass return of METAL MARIO to show off the superior graphics capability of the next Nintendo system http://www.hanging-waters.c...

higgins781363d ago

Yes, because as Sony and Microsoft have proven, quantity equals quality, right?

SmokingMonkey1363d ago

Sony and PS= Quality

always has, always will.

You speak of quality 1st party GOTY winning games right?

Games like Uncharted or the Master piece that was;

The Last of Us

Quality enough?

40+ 10/10's

200+ GOTY awards

C_Ali881363d ago

Smoking monkey has been hitting the pipe a bit hard!