Dying to play Dying Light? Get a Steam code for only £27.99

Dealspwn reports: "Dying Light released this week with little fanfare and no reviews. Ours will come as soon as we're ready, but if you want to get in fast, the magic £30 mark has already been blown away in style. We hope that satisfying combat, day/night cycles and parkour will make for a satisfying cooperative package."

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Gamer19821361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

After the whole G2A incident a lot of people are weary about buying CD keys from non official suppliers now. Greenmangaming etc.. are authorised key sellers but CDkeys although are very reputable (use them myself for ps credit and plus) are not an official retailer for keys so they could be banned if the dev feels like banning them one day.. Not that I feel Techland would tbh.

solar1361d ago

After how bad Dead Island is I'll wait for this to hit on a Steam sale