The Best Video Game Conspiracies That Might Be Real


There are some seriously heavy conspiracy theories swirling around the most history-worthy events in mankind’s history. The truth is obviously far stranger than what we have all come to accept as the real story. The truth about these events is something far deeper and much more interesting. The best part is that Ubisoft has all the facts surrounding these events and has even laced them into the fabric of their best-selling series, Assassin’s Creed. Who knew? The truth about some of history’s most incredible events and people are actually all a lie, forged by a shadowy entity, left over from the time of the Crusades. Thank goodness Ubi has deciphered it all for us. Here are ten of my personal favorite “truths” found in the AC series.

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Bleucrunch1362d ago

I must say that this is a well thought out series of stories by Ubisoft mixing the templars in with real world events. Very interesting. Imagine if they made Assassin's Creed games with a lot of those scenarios. It would make Assassin's creed Multi-dimensional and can bring us potentially a modern day Assassin's Creed where he uses silencers and electronics. That would be pretty dope.

Kingdomcome2471362d ago

Reading your comment makes me want a really well done Bourne game lol.

Roccetarius1361d ago

I thought the first Bourne video game was one of the better movie adaptions. Unfortunately, it lacked the Matt Damon character.

Bleucrunch1361d ago

I remember when that game released I ran to shamestop so faaaaast. Imagine my surprise when I realized is was a action based repetitive QTE with absolutely NO replay value. Waste of that hard earned money.