NCIX Classifies GTX970's Specs As False Advertisement, NVIDIA's GeForce Social Media: "We Messed Up"

DSOGaming writes: "Things are definitely not looking good for NVIDIA as this whole memory controversy surrounding its GTX970 may force it to do a recall on that particular GPU. On the other hand, NVIDIA’s GeForce Social Media Guy went ahead and claimed that the company messed up, and that he understands PC users’ frustration over this issue."

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Rearden1385d ago

I don't get the whole fuss about this. The GTX 970 still performs extremely well. It is still by far the best bang for he buck card out there, it's the best value card PC gamers could have bought over the past 3 years.

MitchellK1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Because they pretty much straight up lied to consumers?

Edit: If you bought a car that was advertised to make 500hp and that was the main reason you bought it and you found out after buying it that it only made 300, you wouldn't be upset about that? Gamers that bought these cards expected the specs that it said on the box and in advertisement, thats not what they got.

lameguy1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Well the card does have 4gb so they got that going for them which is nice :)

It would be like a car advertised at 400hp but in reality only gets 370hp (350 at full speed plus 20 because the other 50 horses are a little lazy)

This is a firmly tongue in check post btw...

Dasteru1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Well given the advertised-actual specs on the GTX 970, a more accurate analogy would be a car advertising 500hp and you end up getting about 440hp. Which is actually done often in the auto industry. Cars are advertised using BHP (Brake Horse Power) meaning the total power the engine can generate. You never get anywhere near that to the wheels though. Also according to Nvidia, this seems to be a driver issue not a hardware one. It could very well be fixed soon and is not technically false advertising as it was unintended and unknown until after the card was released.

The GTX 970s actual specs are 12.5% below advertised. Sony claimed the PS3s Cell chip had 240 Gflops of power, yet it was never able to achieve more than 192 Gflops in use (20% below advertised). Nobody ever accused them of false advertising.

Fireseed1385d ago

You don't see what's wrong with lying to customers?

aLiEnViSiToR1385d ago

ROFL they (any company really xD) worship consumers like you !

UKmilitia1384d ago

yep every companies dream right there lol.

Roccetarius1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I was considering buying one or two of these, considering the price is just so damn low on it. So the GTX 980 is in the clear on this problem?

airshiraz1385d ago

wait for nvidias response to this mess i think a price cut o r a new card will be there soon .be patient

FlyingFoxy1385d ago

A guy working for Nvidia has already admitted the mistake and said anyone who owns a 970 should be entitled to a full refund.

BC_Master_Haze1385d ago

I'm hoping they'll put out an upgraded card and let anyone with a 970 exchange it for said card :) or be awesome and give anyone with a 970 a 980, but that's just ridiculous wishful thinking.

airshiraz1385d ago

its still better than that beast gtx 780 so i will keep it and im sure it doesnt have any problems with handling games till 2016 or 17 in 4k .but lying is nasty and not acceptable

duplissi1385d ago

Thats a bit of a stretch... unless you are ok with turning down lots of settings. There is no single gpu card that can easily handle ultra settings @ 4K. The 290X and 980 are the closest we have for that.

airshiraz1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

i play assassins creed unity with 24 frames 4k ultra settings with my gtx 970 and i enjoy it and its the heaviest game and unoptimized and most beautiful game/24 frames is frames for movies and i like it its playable

duplissi1385d ago

To each their own. 24fps is unplayable for me. Its a stuttering slideshow of lag.

xTheMercenary_1384d ago

@airshiraz 24 fps is not playable man.

ShottyGibs1384d ago

Lol you are a PC user and you bought into and actually believe the whole "24 fps filmic effect" BS...
For shame.. For shame

airshiraz1384d ago

a lot of ps3 and 360 games are locked at 24 frames and are playable.but 30 or 60 is better but i prefer better graphics over everything

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FlyingFoxy1385d ago

Yep, it's a good card, been using it at 1080p.. BUT, the fact that NVidia either knowingly lied, or screwed up by accident means that the card got false specs for early buyers.

The place i got it from has a huge thread on the forums, by tomorrow we may be able to be offered full refunds.

Screw Nvidia, i'll send the card back, get a refund and wait for the 390/390x cards from AMD.

NarooN1385d ago

It definitely wasn't an accident. This is far from the first time Nvidia have done something scummy like this. Or something as embarrassing (go to google and type in "Nvidia wood screws", for example.)

Not too long ago after mass attention was brought to this issue, Nvidia tried to claim the VRAM issue was a "feature". Now that they were called on that nonsense, they're admitting that they fudged it up. Pretty pathetic to lie to consumers rather than just saying it was really a 3.5gb card.

FlyingFoxy1385d ago

It's possible they did cover it up, but even if they didn't it's still false advertising, and have now corrected the official specs of the 970 to what they should have been in the first place.

So anyone who bought one prior to this news was basically screwed over.

Genova841385d ago

The next wave of AMD cards looks beastly! I recently pulled the trigger on R9 295x2. I'm pleased with it so far. I just wish more games utilized crossfire.

RedDeadLB1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

So, what's the official result of the investigation about the memory usage?

I've seen people with 970s posting screenshots with >3.5GB usage in games without any issues whatsoever.

What's the deal guys?

elazz1385d ago

That it isn't a 4GB card but a 3.5 + 0.5 card. The extra 512MB will be used when the ammount of memory exceeds 3.5. However this will cause stutter making it actually inefficient.

Also the card has less cache than advertised as well. Basically they lied and they confirmed.

RedDeadLB1385d ago

I see. It still seems like a great card though, perfect for 1080p. The 960 is a missed opportunity though, but it left an opening for a 960Ti. Here's hoping.

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