Xenoblade Chronicles X details – world size, battle system, GamePad usage, and more

"Famitsu has a big update on Xenoblade Chronicles X this week. There’s a total of ten pages dedicated to the game, including an interview with director Tetsuya Takahashi.

The following information has leaked out of Famitsu thus far:

– Mira is 400km^2, which is 5 times the size of Xenoblade’s world
– Takahashi’s final check play time was over 300 hours"

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eyeofcore1357d ago

Holy shit! Original Xenoblade Chronicles with all areas combined was the size of Skyrim whicfh is 40km^2!

400km^2 is 10 times larger than Skyrim's map and even larger than Witcher 3 with all three areas(maps?) combined is close to 200km^2. Witcher 3 is larger than GTA 5 map that is 161km^2!

Xenoblade Chronicles X is larger than Grenada and Malta! Holy fuck!

Geobros1357d ago

Hahaha!! The game looks huge btw....

Yi-Long1357d ago

This game looks to be amazing. Hopefully they'll include the Japanese voices again, like they did with Xenoblade.

Will definitely buy a WiiU for this.

eyeofcore1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I need to correct myself involving original Xenoblade Chronicles map, apparently from what I could find it is nearly 50km^2 with all areas combined so 25% larger than Skyrim and that does not include the cut levels for area called Bionis Shoulder which is present in DVD of Japanese Xenoblade that can be accessed by using cheats and its complete complete yet cut for some reason. If we were to include levels of Bionis Shoulder then XC is actually could reach 55 or even 60km^2.

Anyway, from what I've read on NeoGAF the online component will be similar to Souls series as random players appear in your universe and you in theirs.

Also our protagonist which is customized will have its own voice and dialog it seems from comments that Takashi has made. So this game will be amazing.


I read on NeoGAF that GTAV is less than 130km^2.

wonderfulmonkeyman1357d ago

We really REALLY need some detailed info on precisely how the online component in this game functions.
I'm sure it won't be side-by-side with millions at once or anything, but if it works a little like Dark Souls did, then that might be good.

Segata1357d ago

No you're wrong. Skyrim was 16 square miles. Xenoblade was 30 square miles. Xenoblade was larger than Skyrim. XCX is5x that so it's 150 Square miles. Witcher 3 is 20% larger than Skyrim so it's closer to XB on wii's size.

R00bot1356d ago

I agree, also XCX could definitely be measured in cubic miles since many of the land formations go more than a mile above and below ground level.

TheTwelve1357d ago

Hopefully we get a release date soon.

3-4-51357d ago

* This game just keeps sounding/looking better and better with every new bit of information we receive.

* I'll be playing the OG on the New 3DS XL, as I've yet to experience it, but yea getting to play Two XenoBlade games in the span of 1 year + new LOZ could make 2015 potentially epic for me as a gamer.

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eaise1357d ago

This game is gonna be so so so good! Day One Pre order.
Please give us a NA release date Nintendo. I need this game

Concertoine1357d ago

I wonder how online works

rawrock1357d ago

Gonna pre-order as soon as its availble to do so...

theshredded1357d ago

now this is a real RPG unlike those crabby modern ones we get a lot

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