Dying Light – How to Disable Film Grain & Increase FPS Performance

How to disable film grain and increase your FPS performance with these tweaks for Dying Light. The graphics in Dying Light look so much better without the film grain.

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Razputin1386d ago

Luckily I've already disabled the film grain.

Also I don't need better performance already getting anywhere between 40-144 FPS depending the area. My issue is the huge random frame dips that seemingly come out of nowhere.

A friend of mine with a GTX 970 had the same issue. Great performance but a sudden drop in frames for a few seconds.

Overall this game is really great.

JsonHenry1386d ago

It is happening to me and I have a GTX980. Hopefully they fix it!

Razputin1386d ago

Yea I'm running SLI 970 and those dip are really bad. Not sure if it's a driver issue another friend with a laptop was not experiencing that performance dip like my clan mate and I. We both have GTX 970s.

Nitrowolf21386d ago

They need an option on console, the film grain is to much

JJShredder1386d ago

I just complained about this in the Eurogamer article. It's so terrible! Evil Within was bad also.

I buy a 1080P tv for the sharpness, not the fuzz of grain.

Hopefully they add this in an update.