DSOGaming - Dying Light - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Dying Light has just been released and as you may already heard, it’s plagued by some serious performance issues. Dying Light is powered by Chrome 6 Engine and while the game was meant to hit both current-gen and old-gen platforms, Techland decided to cancel the old-gen version because the game could not run acceptably on both PS3 and X360. And to be honest, you’ll need a really powerful CPU in order to maintain 60fps in this title. But let’s not be hasty…"

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Volkama1412d ago

Weird that it's so single-threaded when the console versions are surely built to run across 6 cores. Benchmarks put i3s right up there with the top performing CPUs. That's a lame performance bottleneck.

Gamer19821412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

This is what DX12 and Mantle will help fix on PC in the near future as it will remove bottlenecks because you will get direct access to hardware meaning it can use them a lot more effectively. This is a DX11 issue devs just never could get 100% around.. It's why MS are so proud of DX12 and should be. Of course this only really affects PC which is why the console version doesn't see issues like this.

Volkama1412d ago

DirectX 12 will help with things like drawcalls and such, but it isn't as if other DirectX 11 games are entirely single-threaded like Dying Light appears to be. I can't really think of any other demanding games where an i3 is a top performer...

UKmilitia1412d ago

my isnt that good but its been playable.
i dindnt play much because i have pre order but since they delayed my copy till end of feb i thought i would pirate th game too

Volkama1412d ago

Tbh I wouldn't call it pirating if you've already paid for the game.

I hear it performs pretty well in terms of GPU, with a stable 4k30 on a single card. But the CPU bottleneck is stopping people pushing the frames.

Testfire1412d ago

Anyone try running this with an FX6300 r9 270x combo?

BC_Master_Haze1412d ago

Anyone run this game on GTX 970 and i5-4690k?