The Order: 1886 Might Not Be As Mundane As We Thought [EGMR]

EGMR writes: "The Order: 1886 has come under a lot of scrutiny as of late for being a rather dull-looking shooter, based on footage we’ve been shown over previous months. However the latest trailer went some way into reigniting excitement for the game, showing a few things we’d have loved to see those months ago when we had our magnifying glasses out. Although it should be noted that it’s quite interesting how the game hasn’t been marketed excessively and there hasn’t actually been a ton of information as we expect from triple A games who like to blow their load long before release. This may actually bode well for the game and give it a chance to surprise us, or if you’re highly cynical be a sign of there not being much to show. You be the judge of that as we give you everything we know about The Order: 1886."

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DarkOcelet1361d ago

I think The Order 1886 will be epic.

kayoss1361d ago

This game seems to incorporate a lot of elements from other games.
Cinematic visuals similiar to Heavy rain
FPS system like Gear of Wars/uncharted
traversing buildings like Assassin's creed/uncharted

Maybe i need to let Destiny and Driveclub rest for a while when this game comes out.

SmielmaN1361d ago

Ya I'm looking forward to it as a fun, new setting for a their person shooter. Personally I love third person games. More so than FPS games. So hopefully the story is awesome, there's some cool collectibles to search for, and the gameplay is engaging. I can already see the graphics are going to be nuts and I like quick time gameplay elements. Lots of sweet games use those mechanics. I don't want to do them every 10 secs but if I get a sweet finisher or have to hit a sequence to crush a boss I'm good. Any who, can't wait for it to arrive in the mailbox.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

But the Xbros say it won't be worth playing and that the story sucks... /s

On topic... I'm thinking i'll love this game. So many anti-gamers hating every game before they even hit store shelves.

DarkOcelet1361d ago

I am not sure they have experienced the story to say it sucks.

You need to realize something, not because people choose the Xbox means they instantly hate the Playstation. They just prefer the games or are more comfortable on that console.

That said, there are indeed many haters out there and hopefully the game shut them up on release.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1361d ago

I am saying nothing negative about X1 or it's games. However, a few articles have appeared recently questioning TO:1886 about gameplay and story and suggesting they could sub-par. The comments are heavily saturated with negative comments towards the game from obvious/proven PS haters / Xbox loyal.

DarkOcelet1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Not every Xbox gamer hates PS games. Hell i was a 360 gamer and played The Last of Us , Uncharted trilogy and many games PS3 games lately and they were amazing and think that this one will be amazing since their PSP games were some of the best titles for the PSP.

kayoss1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

last generation i owned the xbox360 first. I had 2 RRoD on first 2 xbox360 consoles and decided to buy a ps3 to replace the xbox360. After a year or so, i bought the xbox360 Halo edition and I think that's where my interest in the xbox declined. I went into a FPS fatigue with the xbox360 library. As the months and years went buy, i barely even touched the xbox360 and the PS3 was my console of choice.
Short story, in my opinion Playstation has a more diverse library of games when compared the Xbox. Not saying that the xbox games are no good, just saying that they're not diverse.

Neonridr1361d ago

I think that has something to do with lowered expectations lately. Too many big name games came with high hopes and ended up disappointing us big time in 2014.

Everyone is a little more reserved I guess..

sprinterboy1361d ago

I enjoyed the first yr games personally

Neonridr1361d ago

@sprinter - there were many enjoyable 2014 games.. I was just referring specifically to some of the marquee titles like Watch Dogs, AC Unity, etc.. they had really high hopes and expectations and were unable to live up to hype. Doesn't mean they were bad games necessarily, just not what was indicated.

I am excited to see more of this game though.

mhunterjr1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

I don't think it has anything to do with console wars. Yes there are haters, but People across the board have lowered expectations after several disappointing releases on both consoles all throughout 2014.

Pretty much every highly anticipated game has been a letdown in one way or another... That coupled with Less than stellar previews hasn't done much to give people confidence in the Order.

Still, lowered expectations are a good thing. If the Order does end up being a great game, it'll be even more so considering people aren't expecting it.

Hopefully it surprises us.

OB1Biker1361d ago

Yea actually I can understand if it doesnt appeal to a few people even if I m very excited and cant wait to play it. Considering many games are gameplay focused with a daft story or even no story at all have a large public.
There are just different types of games, what I dont understand is the hate people feel the need to express in comments. When I m not interested in a game I just move on and not in the least interested in telling people how I think this or that game is bad. This is a 'story driven single player action game' as RAD put it and IMO the opposite of many boring games I struggle to finish.

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Picnic1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

I think it's going to be a finely crafted atmospheric piece. For lovers of a Victorian steampunk look.

Hardened FPS fans are bound to be disappointed.

This is just the first game in what is hoped to be a series. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune didn't tackle online and didn't do much radically different from Tomb Raider.

Give the game a chance. It's clearly not meant to be a game with huge environments. It's about savouring each moment like a fine wine.

Gore-Content1361d ago

Here's hoping. We'll see come Feb 27th.

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