Why Should You Pre-Order or Play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt of Rivia has come a long way, since his 2007 PC debut with “The Witcher” title, this professional monster slayer has returned from dead, lost his memory, misplaced his beloved, witnessed the fall of a kingdom and hunted a renegade member of his own order.

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faisalsheikh141361d ago

I will defiantly buy this game for PC, and it will be one of the most played game in 2015

die_fiend1361d ago

And who will you be defying in doing this exactly?

Prime1571361d ago

He should defy these shotty publishers by NOT preordering. #nopreorder

I haven't been to kotaku in months, but I remembered those articles being in line with sentiments.

Magicite1361d ago

This waiting game is so hard :(

Dlacy13g1361d ago

I will be picking this up but I will not pre-order with the exception of someone offering a gift card in return. I don't care about the incentives most are offering as I feel its a bad practice. that said if a preorder offer can save me money in the future that is a different story.

BC_Master_Haze1361d ago

I've noticed it's 10% off on Steam right now, is that a pre-order discount?

Mariusmssj1361d ago

You don't have to give me a reason I already have pre-ordered it

awi59511361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Only buy the witcher games on That way all the money goes directly to the developers of The witcher 3. Since its their site.

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slayer2541361d ago

Witcher 2 was awesome and this one seems very good. worth to pre- order.

vikingland11361d ago

I thought we aren't suppose to pre-order games anymore? At least thats what all the bloggers on N4G keep telling us.

It's not pre-orders that are causing broken games by the way.

DragonKnight1361d ago

Pre-ordering is part of the chain of problems. Pre-ordering a game shows the publisher that you don't give a damn if the game is complete when it releases, so why should they give a damn to complete the game if you don't care?

ShadowWolf7121361d ago

That's only PS Exclusives, silly.

gamehunter1361d ago

There should be no reason to buy this game. So amazing and most awaited game of 2015. i bet

ArchangelMike1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

I'm confused, do you mean "there should be no reason to buy this game" because you should pre-order it instead?

Interesting this is, I haven't heard of any pre-order incentives for this. I wonder if this is part of CDPR DLC policy that it should all be free.

gamehunter1361d ago

Yes! you should pre-order it instead

Roccetarius1361d ago

The pre-order inceentive comes with all the copies. People are pretty much getting the same game, and i like that instead of the usualy multiple retailer bs.

OUROSMAG1361d ago


ThatOneRiggaNob1361d ago

But I enjoy preloading too much :(

thekhurg1361d ago

I pre-order 12 hours before release. Gets everything ready to go in time, and I'm not giving money away for nothing.

billybehr1361d ago

Pre-ordering is lay-away for me. I can slowly pick away at the cost of the game by dropping a few bucks here and there leading up to the release.

ShottyGibs1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Lay-away products need a finite quality to make sense. Lay-away on a digital item with an unlimited supply is pointless.

billybehr1360d ago

I was referring to lay-away on a physical copy.

JJShredder1361d ago

Theres no reason not to pre-order this game though. CDPR is an excellent developer and should be rewarded.

Now EA and Ubisoft games.......that's a different story.

SonyOnly41361d ago

I am picking this one up but seriously why the "Lost his memory" cliche ?

bloodybutcher1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Probably so it wouldn't overwhelm players with information and story from the books. That way it could've been done gradually and allow for omission of some.

Fez1361d ago

Didn't they already use that on the first game? Geralt is a forgetful bugger, isn't he.

bloodybutcher1361d ago

That's what they meant, it's a recap of the first game.

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