We Wish You A Merry SX-Mas

Many of you young'uns are writing out your christmas lists to Santa asking for new HDTV's, HD-DVD Players, Gears of War, Vision Cams or the wireless steering wheel. We at 360 Monster suggest you tear your list up and instead write the following:

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JPomper5905d ago

Too bad it's a Suzuki.

BOOSTIN5905d ago

theres going to be a 320hp awd sx4 thats going to blow away the evo and sti. its based on the wrc rally sx4. it looks shweet!

MicroGamer5905d ago

I can understand if they were giving one away and there was a contest link on the site, but there was nothing. :-(

Sphinx5905d ago

How do I get this? Is there a contest or what?

TheXgamerLive5905d ago

The ps3 gets a pair of shoes w/it's name on it and the Xbox 360 gets a hyped up mega blitzed sportscar.

Interesting choice's.

I think I'd go with the Xbox 360. Ya see it's a complete the gaming machine is. Besides, the shoes would probably just fall apart like sony is internally, lol, just kidding, I had to throw a fanboy "ism" in there.
Actually, I can't exactly see the car being sold, maybe it's a giveaway. I'm sure we'll all here about it soon enough. Same with the shoes too.

MicroGamer5905d ago

wearing those $8000.00 PS3 sneaks and they're gonna end up capped and barefoot.