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"If you follow me on Twitter then you will know I make regular calls for ports of the best platforming games ever, Rainbow Islands and Bubble Bobble. At first glance Baboon! looks like it may just fill the Bub and Bob sized hole on the PS Vita, as it has small vertical levels in which you climb to the top while avoiding the colourful animal based enemies.

However, despite the star of the game, Tumbili, being a baboon, he cannot jump. To navigate your way up the platforms you must place a bomb beside Tumblii then use the joystick to slide it left or right which in turn dictates which way Tumbili will fly when the bomb explodes. It’s rather like the controls of Angry Birds but much more fiddly and without (bar the first few levels) the helpful dotted line that shows where the baboon will fly. There is also a power meter, which fills up as soon as you drop the bomb, then reduces and fills on a constant cycle, much like the meter you would find in a golf game. To further complicate things there are also different types of bombs, each with their own unique properties, such as freeze bombs that will instantly cool any flaming obstacles."

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