Ten Things We Want to See in NBA 2k16

Ross Everman for Fully Avin It Writes: It’s that time of year where we inevitably start speculating about next season – both in NBA 2k16 and the real life league. As amazing as 2k15 is, there are a few things we want to see addressed in the follow-up.

1 Better online matchmaking system

Vanilla one-on-one quick matches online are great in NBA 2k15. Anything else, though, is a little more difficult. One of our favourite game modes this year is MyTeam, 2k’s answer to FIFA’s Ultimate team. You spend hours, days – weeks even building your perfect team, toiling over coaching details and stat boosts, shrewdly managing contracts all for what? To play against the computer for virtual currency? Unacceptable! We want to take our team out to the cloud and kick some online ass. The only obvious option in the game is to play against someone on your friends list – fun, but clearly missing a trick or two.

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ShowanW1412d ago


Less micro-transactions

nowitzki20041412d ago

I AGREE!!!!!!

I dont want them to touch gameplay until they can get servers that work. I am not planning on getting 2k16 at this point. Sports games are much more fun online and this game is horrible online.

Truthandreason1411d ago

I think this has been on the wishlist of the 2k series since...they took it online lol. They even said they upgraded it a few years ago last time I really follow their forums, but still the same complaint today.

We need NBA Live to be good and put some pressure on these guys so that maybe they feel some urgency to improve.

Sayburr1412d ago

1 Better online matchmaking system
2 Fix the issue with shot-meter lag online
3 More replay commentary
4 Add Chuck and Kenny to the mix
5 Improve the quality of RealVoice
6 Bring back the NBA Draft Day in MyPlayer
7 Improve front-row crowd animations
8 Better loose-ball reactions
9 Better double-team player switch logic
10 Fire Mike D’Antoni

Nothing about fixing all of the frickin’ bugs? Sure, let them release another buggy program, but it will be OK as long as you add Chuck and Kenny.

nowitzki20041412d ago

11 Stop 2ktv funding. No one wants to watch KD act like he likes the game so much.

nevin11412d ago

1.Better Gameplay
2.Better Graphics
3.Improve Online(Still doesn't work?)
4.More Game modes
5.Vita version?

MrAnthonyDR1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Definitely fire Mike

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