Dying Light Uses Ridiculous PewDiePie Quote On In-Store Marketing

Dying Light displays have been sent out to stores that solely feature a brain-destroying quote from PewDiePie.

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ShugaCane1359d ago

I weep for Val Kilmer's sex appeal.

And the future.

Crazay1359d ago

Pewdiepie is an idiot.

brich2331359d ago

A millionaire idiot. He makes so much on youtube.

Truthandreason1358d ago

Honestly I don't think the guy may be that bad, but now he has forced himself to appeal to his audience to keep the money flowing, but it's for good reason. The dude is the #1 "youtube star" and makes MILLIONS of dollars and his woman is gorgeous.

Dude has his life worked out it looks like.

Snookies121359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

It's kind of sad to use YouTuber quotes to sell your game, but let's face it... Whether you like him or not, PewDiePie has a multi-million fanbase. It's going to help sell your game when you target something like that.

Sethry1011359d ago

I agree, however his user base are mainly young, whether as this is a mature game. So I don't really think doing this is appropriate.

qwerty6761359d ago

i have friends in thier 20s that watch him

sad i know, ive seen a couple of his vids and i find him extremely annoying with no humor whatsoever.

BC_Master_Haze1358d ago

Mainly young, with parents who don't know what M stands for on the case and will buy their kids anything.

TheMapleNerd1359d ago

I really liked Pewdiepie in the past, but don't know what happend but i think he is over'acting' when he is playing games.. Though i like hes vod's since he is himself in those.

BallsEye1359d ago

It's sad to use anyones qoutes. If they'd pay to IGN or GAMESPOT for a quote it would make it more professional and believable? I just don't get it. They could quote some no name guy from some forums or Obama himself for all I care. Both would have same amount of credibility in my eyes - zero.

poor_cus_of_games1359d ago

The quote is "I love this game, it's sooo awesome!" Just in case ya can't be bothered clicking.

die_fiend1359d ago

Why does it say that this quote isn't grammatically correct? Because there are too many 'o's in 'sooo'?

This game is going to be absolute carp. When the game is out for 2 days and not a single review, it always means one thing.

isa_scout1359d ago

This game isn't "carp"?! It's not crap either. It's actually amazing. I don't know why it took Techland so long to get out review copies, but after 6 hours straight my friends and I are in love with it. If your not sure about it I'd say at least rent it. You should be pleasantly surprised by how good it is.

BC_Master_Haze1358d ago

Dying Light use Splash!... Nothing happened...

LAWSON721358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I am actually having a blast playing by myself and it just gets better when you add in some friends. It is far from crap, hell it runs smooth, loads fast and rarely, looks fantastic, and plays good. I have complaints but this is a solid product IMO, far from carp

Summons751359d ago

Oh, my guess was going to me "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as soon as the developer logo popped up, and the legal info, and the title screen, and the loading screen, and the....geez PewDiePie is the worst

Hazmat131359d ago

i like how this does not effect you whatsoever but people still complain about it. i don't like pewdiepie and no one else should. grow up people.

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Maxor1359d ago

Dying Light is the 1st AAA game to push You Tube "partnered" lets play over the traditional press previews and early reviews as a form of marketing. The idea is that these You Tubers can reach more people and their message is controlled by what the developers want you to see.

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