The Witcher 3's Combat Should Borrow More From the Batman: Arkham Series - AusGamers

AusGamers has posted a hands-on preview of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt after playing some three hours of the game and writes:

" Like the last Witcher outing, strikes, parries, blocks and more are all built around correct timing, but it’s very basic on the surface. Moreover, with Geralt’s ‘magic’ and ‘abilities’, you’re forced to interrupt the flow of combat by opening a wheel with LB (on Xbox One) which slows the conflict down, in order to choose which rune you want to use as it’s bound to a single button. In the case of the Batman: Arkham games, you have ready access to all of Batman’s gadgets and moves through various combinations of the controller’s face buttons. It’s a complicated and layered system, but one that rewards players willing to put in the time to learn how to access and use everything in their brilliant freeflow system."

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ATi_Elite1386d ago

No the hell it should not.

Besides The Witcher series was around before Batman Arkham series. So stop trying to have all games play the same.

jmac531386d ago

Totally agree. The Witcher's combat is perfectly fine the way it is.

Kumomeme1386d ago

many people critisized past witcher games combat... include me,i dont find the combat awesome and lot of flaws instead

but cd redprojekt seems understood gamers respons,and hope they fixed it for the witcher 3...very looking foward how it be

Allsystemgamer1385d ago


wtf are you talking about? The combat is challenging and fun. Most reviews claimed that. (Witcher 2)

Arkham is spam the attack button occasionally pressing y/triangle.

In witcher 2 you needed to learn the combat. Not have your hand held.

Maxor1385d ago

If Witcher combat is fine then why did the developer released an unofficial mod for the Witcher 2? There are plenty of flaws with the Witcher combat, that might even be it's biggest weakness. Looking at the Witcher 3 footage shown so far I'm still concerned.

Bathyj1386d ago

I dont agree with you that often, but when youre right youre right.

Its like the people complaining that R1 is jump in Dying Light. Stop trying to make all games play exactly the same way. Heaven forbid we might try something new and actually learn a different or better way. Never gonna happen all gameplay is just homogenized.

ltachiUchiha1386d ago

I agree, i swear this is why game reviews are rubbish because instead of reviewing a game for what it is, they deduct points because they wanted the game to play the way they wanted it to be.

JsonHenry1386d ago


Batman has some of the most boring fighting in any game ever. Yeah it looks pretty to watch but has zero depth.

The Witcher 3 would fail miserably if it had that form of fighting.

Kumomeme1386d ago

no way...batman combat pretty good...some games had pretty combat/gameplay for demo....but just that...real playing experience are way different...i hope in future no publisher gonna adobt same advertising stragegy again..intentionaly make demo presentation or trailer looks very good,pretty,fluid,stunts but yet that because they intentionally pulled to make it looks that way...especially recently ubisoft

joab7771386d ago

It absolutely should not. If anything, more souls influence, not batman.

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gamerfan09091386d ago

Maybe it's just me, but I can't seem to buy the hype with those batman games. It's not really Rocksteady' fault, but the combat becomes way too repetitive for me. I actually liked Arkham Asylum way more than Arkham City. I thought that games felt more like a Batman video game.

joab7771386d ago

I love Batman combat, especially the trials that require a mastery of all the tools. But not for the Witcher.

yuukiliu1386d ago

You mean, just have the Shadow of Mordor combat in this game right? Since Talion uses a sword and magic.

Legion211386d ago

Shadow of Mordor borrowed heavily from Batman's combat, it was in essence the same just with a different "skin".

overrated441386d ago

From what I've heard from people like Brad Shoemaker (from Giantbomb) on the Bombcast that game was actually a Batman Arkham game before they started development over and decided to use the system for a Lord of the Rings game.

yuukiliu1386d ago

That was my point...SoM combat is just Batman with a sword, dagger and bow.

SuperBlunt1386d ago

Lmao. No. Batman is f'ing incredible but dont you dare give its combat to witcher. Thats like giving a souls game batman combat. NO

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