The Last of Us : The Naughty Dog That Spat On Your Face

The Last of Us was a good game, but Naughty Dog really rushed it with the remastered version; they wanted to cash in all they could before the well dried up, and, it was not even a necessary re-release.

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Roaddhogg1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

What could've been a valid opinion piece on remasters loses all credibility with that ridiculously provocative title.

Also, "With this model, gamers get the exact same thing at the exact same price they did before (let’s not forget that, at this point, the original game is cheaper than the re-release, and it is exactly the same game, which came out on 2013 (We did not even need to check on this fact, it is so fresh we remember)". No. Just no. At least the author admits he did not check the facts.

Wizard_King1456d ago

Meh. Cash grab is a cash grab, Sony and ND knew this and milked it hard, including the DLC and the lock out of players who didn't own it.

Just because Sony or the messiah ND does it doesn't make it right. Lets face it, 1 year after the initial release and they width held DLC just for it. That's not cool in my books.

nowitzki20041456d ago

I bought both versions. Do not regret it 1 bit. It was 1 of the better remasters. Def. better than MCC thats for sure

BC_Master_Haze1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

As one of my all time favorite games from my definite favorite developer (grew up on Crash Bandicoot), I didn't regret splitting it with my girlfriend, as she had never played it before. It's now her all time favorite game :) definitely worth it, for the price. This is coming from a season pass owner on PS3 and a Canadian who's used to paying $70 for new games, and after playing this I was so hooked on 60fps I bought a gaming PC.

Milked hard? Hardly. It took an old favorite (which I played through prior to release due to a broken hand, DS4 was too hard with the height) into a new treasure.

I couldn't care less about console wars, just in my opinion it was an extremely good purchase and well worth every cent.

radler1456d ago

I like the game and I'm glad I bought the remaster but yeah, Naughty Dog did some pretty underhanded things if you look at it objectively. Unfortunately, many people here will obsessively defend Naughty Dog no matter what (see the pathetic 'Naughty Gods' obsessive fanboy worship).

One thing that particularly irked me about The Last of Us is the introduction of pay to win DLC. As a big fan of the multiplayer in this game, I found that both frustrating and really disappointing. The special perks you have to buy are bad enough, but the ridiculously overpowered shotgun you can buy as a spawn weapon and the insane crossbow just break the game, and turn what was a great multiplayer experience into a pay to win mess.

I'm actually really concerned about how they screw up Uncharted 4 multiplayer with stuff like this, because it's been a trend with Naughty Dog ever since Uncharted 3 (where the DLC was pretty heavy, but they hadn't yet discovered the pay to win model and kept it cosmetic).

Still, apparently you're the devil if you criticize Naughty Dog on this site.

OB1Biker1456d ago

As a matter of fact this article is more a bait for people like you to bite. Nobody was forced to buy TLOUR and actually most gamers were asking for it. Plus it was a steal for all DLC for many who didn't play it before AND now is often given free with buying a PS4. What's not to love?

joab7771456d ago

Here's the part you forget. It's only a cash grab b/c so many ppl bought it. And why did they buy it? B/c they wanted it. Why did they want it? Because it's a next gen definitive version of one of the best games ever made. No one has a problem with re releasing a GotY edition 6 months later for $60.

Ppl complain about remasters. But here was our choice. The 1st yr of a console is usually dead. Then yrs 2-3 we get the very best. This x, instead of having nothing to play, we got some great games from last gen to fill the gaps.

And the beauty of it all is that no one, not one person was forced to buy anything at all. And many ppl forget that Sony, for example, is attempting to woo Xbox users to buy a PS4. Would not TLOU be a great way to do that?

BitbyDeath1456d ago

@radler, The shotgun and crossbow don't need to be bought to start with them. You get those through level ups in the multiplayer. Your info is wrong.

UltraNova1456d ago

Ok was anyone forced to buy this game or any other remaster? Cause I dont get all this fuss...why complain for something like this...

If you played these games before, you dont have to buy their remasters hence no need to complain. Its called choice! Make one and stop bitching already.

Copenhagen1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

When you can spell correctly THEN we might consider your opinion until then you just look like a pissed off fanboy because this game didn't come to your console of choice. You also failed miserably to take into account that millions YES millions of newly minted PS4 owners never owned a PS3 and had never experienced one of the greatest games of all time validating their choice to put it on the PS4. Because unlike a certain other company Sony actually supports their consoles throughout the lifetime of their product which is why TLOU wasn't held back and launched with the PS4. The way another company withheld games from their current console just to have a launch lineup for their successor. You ARE salty as fk over TLOU and we all see it.

northpaws1456d ago

You need to play more then, the game is super balanced, semi-auto is still my default weapon, not even using any new perks even though I paid for them already.

Why o why1456d ago

Salt is real boi..

Loads of your 360 brethren wanted to play it and many of them they did when they switched to the ps4 this gen. Thats the spit they're loving right about now.

Maxor1456d ago

If this game isn't a cash grab then I don't know what is. The entire thing was a 1080p port for $60. No more, no less. There was nothing special about this port at all. Of course the fanboys will tell you that this is some sort programming master piece to insert high res textures that they already have, into a game which they already made, and for hardware which they were already developing for.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Not everyone who owns a PS4/Xbox One has a Playstation 3/Xbox 360 and the last time I checked, buying a remastered game is still OPTIONAL.

Stupid article.

remixx1161456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Actually I was OK with the doc. Every claims it was pay to win but damn near every gun in the game kills in 2 to 3 shots so I'm just not seeing it.

Plus I've gotten tired of the cod style give me 5 maps for 15 bucks bs, I much more prefer getting stuff that actually changes the gameplay a bit.

But nobody seems to have a problem when EA and DICE include guns in their dlc, but all of a sudden when ND does it, and for way cheaper mind you, its a sin.

Hypocrites -_-

morganfell1456d ago

Once can simply follow the bitter remarks in this thread back to the comment histories of those who posted them. Agendas laced with jealousy and anger are then quite easy to see and then such opinions can be devalued and ignored accordingly.

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BABY-JEDI1456d ago

Well the title could have been worse. 'Naughty Dog took a wizz on your face ' maybe. Also there was a big demand from gamers who didn't have a PS3 last gen. Thankfully, ND didn't spit on their face.
; )

Jonny5isalive1456d ago

I agree. I bought it on ps3 when it came out and I got it for free with my ps4. IM glad it came out again.

theradadmiral941457d ago

What. The. Hell.
This author is acting like he was required to buy the remaster. How did the remake in any way harm the industry or the author? I don't understand why this argument is being made.

TFJWM1456d ago

It's easy why this argument was made. Hits...

Snookies121457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Except, after seeing the remaster played through, I can't even go back to my PS3 copy... That's how much of an improvement it was for me. That unlocked FPS is vastly better for my eyes. Plus we have the wonderful 'share' button now. Which means all the brutal awesome deaths are always recorded. Took many great videos/pictures with that, Last of Us is full of great moments in combat.

ps4gamer19831457d ago

My only beef with the remaster is the strange A.I. issues that happen. They still never patched it. The A.I. in the ps3 version was spot-on. Ps4 version seems to do some strange things sometimes.

nowitzki20041456d ago

LOL it would be funny if a clicker joined your group.

I remember the AI in the PS3 version not being so smart. There would be a clicker lurking around and they would be moving around to take cover right next to me, making all this noise. Luckily the clicker only looked for me and not them.

Spotie1456d ago

That, as has been well established by now, was intentional.

nowitzki20041456d ago

Yeah, You dont have to show me that, I know.

Its still 1 of the best games of all time, but people get butt hurt so easily on N4G.

ps4gamer19831456d ago

TLOU remastered is still may favorite game of all time. But fanboys get way too butthurt. If we don't mention the flaws, then they will never patch it.

JWiLL5521456d ago

Is this a joke? It was a great remaster and 60 fps was a game changer.

nowitzki20041456d ago

I agree. Its the only game to WOW me twice. PS3 version looked amazing but no where near as good as PS4 version.

BC_Master_Haze1456d ago

Could not agree more, in terms of graphics and story.

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