Which 2015 Game Will Make Good On Its Own Crazy Hype?

Of all the anticipated titles scheduled for this year, which one is most likely to live up to the hype? Which one will win over gamers and critics alike?

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Snookies121364d ago

I'm not at all worried about MGS V. I know that game is going to be a masterpiece.

LOGICWINS1364d ago

A lot of people said the same thing about MGS4 and I still think Snake Eater is the best in the franchise, particularly because you don't need to play any of the other games to enjoy Snake Eater.

MGSV DOES look better than MGS4 simply given the gameplay opportunities that an open world provides.

Back to the topic at hand, I don't see Uncharted 4 not living up to the hype. I'm one of the few who thought that UC3 was better than 2...just not THAT much better.

Snookies121364d ago

Wait whaaa? You didn't like MGS4? That game was incredible.

LOGICWINS1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I enjoyed MGS4, I just feel that the story was all over the place...particularly for me given that I only played MGS3 /MGS2(MANY years ago on the PS2) and skipped MGS1 given that the controls pissed me off.

I can see how MGS4 could be a masterpiece to a person that fully invested themselves in the lore.

EDIT: I'd be open to rebuying the entire franchise if it was remastered on the PS4 though.

BitbyDeath1364d ago

I prefer MGS3 over MGS4 but I'd still consider MGS4 to be one of the best games of lastgen.

Right up there with Warhawk, Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2.

SuperBlunt1364d ago

Its an open world metal gear...nothing comes close to it

HeavenlySnipes1364d ago

That's fine, but it doesn't mean that MGS4 wasn't great in its own right

I liked Uncharted 2 over 3, but 3 was still a great game

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ps4gamer19831364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Persona 5 will NOT disappoint. Neither will Zelda U, or MGS 5, Chronicles x or Bloodborne. Atlus, Nintendo, Konami, FromSoftware, etc are the tightest Japanese companies ever. 2015 is the year Japan reignites it's former domination again.

crazychris41241364d ago

I could see Evolve, The Order and Halo 5 failing to live up to the hype. Of course I want these games to be amazing but I'm a little worried about them. Missed my chance to try out the Halo 5 beta earlier this month so hopefully there is another one later this year.

iNFAMOUZ11364d ago

halo 5 for sure will fail, what a dumb direction they went, total fail, went from fun and teamwork and machinima style custom games to competition gayness

OpieWinston1364d ago

How dare they take the franchise into the competitive scene with a focus on it!

Not like now's the time to do that with MOBAs/MMOs having such success with high focus on Competitive action.

Halo 5 for sure will fail? Wake up, if they do a little tuning with the beta and give more map diversity outside of "Forgeable maps" they'll have one of the best Halos under their belt.

Fun and teamwork? I see a lot more teamwork in Halo 5 Guardians Beta... Clearly you didn't play it because communication and coordination were key to controlling the game. As far as fun, if you tell me Spartan Abilities aren't the coolest and most fun you've had in an FPS... IDK if you'll ever be happy.

Case and point... There's currently little hype around Halo after MCCs server issues. So Halo 5 has the potential to be a real sleeper hit(In a sense).

Sm00thNinja1364d ago

MGS4 was a fucking masterpiece blasphemy here blasphemy

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