Replicate Dying Light with these 5 Skyrim Mods

James of Twinfinite writes "Unless you're under a rock or a retail store shelf in Europe, you've probably heard about this game called Dying Light being released. It's the Dead Island game the Dead Island developers actually wanted to make, featuring everything from parkour to zombies. It is a new PC release though, so buying Dying Light right now probably isn't on the cards of many people. What may be though is playing their PC copy of Skyrim. So would it be at all possible to recreate Dying Light using Skyrim?"

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Father__Merrin1356d ago

it's not possible to re create the full game in skyrim, if you want to play DL it would be easier to just get the game

BC_Master_Haze1356d ago

Sometimes I wonder why Twinfinite writes anything at ask, then I realize it's for clicks. Always.

TedCruzsTaint1356d ago

How to replicate Dying Light . . . minus one of two major gameplay components.

And this article was needed why?