EA Excited for the Future on All Platforms, Optimistic About Xbox One Exclusive Service EA Access

Electronic Arts’ conference call for investors and analysts wrapped up a few minutes ago, and the publisher’s CEO Andrew Wilson expressed excitement about the future across all platforms, also givingan update on the situation of EA access.

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MCTJim1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

EA access..most bang for your buck!! I use it all the time when new games are coming from EA to see if its something I want. There is nothing worse than buying a game..hyped or not and then it sucks.

The other high note is the free games they give. They have been pretty good so far.

Fro_xoxo1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

"There is nothing worse than buying a game..hyped or not and then it sucks."

Very true.
I wish there'd be more game trials.
If devs/pubs won't do it before release, then at least do it after. *sigh*

Bigpappy1386d ago

I did the $5 month to test Dragon Age. Then I bought it and got $6 off.

If they show enough promising stuff this year, I will get the year sub this time

WeAreLegion1385d ago

Isn't that what demos are for?

Kribwalker1385d ago

Demos don't give you 6hrs of full access and allow you to gain achievements of you don't buy the game and continue your game if you do buy it. I played 6 online games of madden for free this year and decided there wasn't enough change for me to buy it, but I did start dragon age on there, and then bought it for my older kid for Christmas and got to continue playing it.

I also had previously bought BF4, PVZ and need for speed rivals and traded all three in when the service started for $55 which paid for 2 years of subscription.

The service is fantastic for $2.50 a month on a yearly plan.

n4rc1385d ago

Hell ya..

Traded in bf4 and it almost covered the full year.. Its an insane value IMO.. Almost a must have for Xbox one owners

3-4-51385d ago

EA Access is worth it for Plants & Zombies & BF4 alone...everything else is bonus.

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aviator1891386d ago

When EA access was first introduced, I must admit I was a bit skeptical for its value but it's really grown on me now. They keep adding games into it and I'll keep my subscription for it.

NuggetsOfGod1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Lol sony thinks it's injustice to bring this to ps4? Lol

TheRedButterfly1385d ago

Can't allow anything to compete with PSNow now can they?

RobLoPR1386d ago

I think the best way to start with the Xbox One is to get EA Access. Not only will ypu get to try great games, you can buy them at a discounted price also. But the fact that you get all those free games in the Vault is good enough to last you a couple of weeks without having to worry about buying games and that is pretty awesome for $30 a year.

Automatic791385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

EA Access is a fantastic service it will get even better in about 2 years when the library is much more deeper but right now it is an incredible value.

Note to EA bring in all of your last generation titles to EA Access and this will be a hit with the masses just picture being able to play Dead Space, the old Battle Field, Mass Effect Titles, Dragon Age and so much more on the EA Access hub.

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