EA: Star Wars: Battlefront Has "Huge Potential;" News Coming in The Next Couple of Months

During the Electronic Arts financial conference call for investors and analysts the publisher confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront is on track for release in the Holidays season 2015, and gave more comments about the upcoming game by DICE.

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Relientk771452d ago

I'm waiting for the gameplay reveal of this.

Dark111452d ago

Please don't be Battlefield reskin.

pompombrum1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

We're going to hear news in the coming months for a game released this year? What next, are we going to get sunshine in the coming months too?

No longer can we get surprised and enjoy the news and the excitement it brings, you gotta hype the hype to bring the hype. Good luck with that anyway EA, after Battlefield 4, I'm keeping my expectations realistically low, expecting a reskinned Battlefield 4 with minor alterations and fingers crossed I'll end up pleasantly surprised.

SegaGamer1452d ago

I'm expecting a lot of bugs, a big patch the day it is released, day 1 DLC and maybe even microtransactions. It's EA, all of these things are very much a possibility.

It's sad that in a time where gaming should be at it's best it is actually getting ruined by the game developers.

Trekster_Gamer1452d ago

I can't help but be excited for this game, I have no choice…

I hope it is awesome!

gamertk4211452d ago

Hmmm, right around GDC or so...

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